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I produced a video for Bjork, and on the set her voice was incredibly powerful and accurate even without any processing. Hard to believe that it came out of that tiny girl. She gave us a jazz album she did in Iceland as a kid and it was very good. She could sing just about any kind of music.

See ya
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quote Long live SACD (and DVD-A).

I agree that there is much discussion in the quest for "the best" sound when SACD and DVD-A gives you upgraded definition. I hope it is not too late for DVD-A but you may be right.
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Originally Posted by tbonner1 View Post

SACD does not jump out at you with sizzleing highs or thunderous bass.

It has a relaxed, sublime presentation that sounds like live music.


I see most of these postings were done in 2006 and there were a few that predicted the death or demise of SACD. Well it's 2013 and the format is still hanging on, thankfully as I took the plunge and decided to go the SADC route as I can't live with the downsides of vinyl right now.


When I compare (I admit this is possibly an unfair, maybe even invalid comparison, though it is interesting to do) SACD and an MP3 rip of the CD track (on an album, Super Bass 2, that has the same mastering for SACD and RedBook), I agree with the above quote. Despite the fact it's quite a subtle difference, it definitely adds enough value for me personally that I'm planning to get more SACDs for my collection in the future.


Cheers for the interesting discussion from 2006/07 tongue_smile.gif

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