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The white tea that I mentioned above is supposed to be even better than green tea for you (since green tea is more or less more processed tea than white, which if I recall isn't processed in any way at all). I can't recall any studies done strictly on white tea, but there are many done on green tea that I'm sure you've heard of. It stands to reason that white tea will be even better, as it is even purer than green tea.

But don't hold my word for it, I'm sure there's plenty of info out there on this stuff! Have fun!

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Originally Posted by Illah
Ten Ren has many very nice teas:


Get some of the more expensive green teas, or the King's tea. For the King's they recommend a brew time of 10 seconds because the flavor is so potent it can give stomach cramps The good part is you can reuse the leaves 10+ times so it's really not that expensive in the long run.

They also have store locations in California, Illinois, Maryland, New York and Texas.
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I'd check out Tavalon tea (Premium Loose Leaf Teas | Green Teas | White Teas | Black Teas | Chai Teas | Tea Bar)... I first found out about them when I was in NYC this summer.

By far the best tea's i've ever had. Plus, their stores have DJ's!! How hot is that!?
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Argo Tea

I would see if they have a store near you. They have a tea-drink shop in evanston and it is great - the armenian mint is just the thing for a hot summer day!

If you are looking for good budget teas:
Stash Tea
I really do like these tea-bags because they are sealed to keep the leaves in great shape.
It is great for a dorm where all I can get a hold of is my illegal hot-pot!.
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I only drink green tea, been drinking it for about 4/5 years most days.

I've tried probably about 30+ different types and brands of green tea, and there is only one i keep going back for, japanese green tea.

I order it from here: Japanese food Mount Fuji International - Online Japanese Food Shopping

It has to be the 'everyday premium sencha', £3.99 for 20 bags. by far the best tea i've ever had.
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