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Ramblings about my favorite headphones...

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It's late, I'm bored, so I thought I'd write up some stuff about my recent listening experiences...

Well, first of all, I got my new headphone amp for my HD600's (my favorite headphones ), and well, it's amazing. Not gonna say what it is yet, expect a full review later, but it's tube. I'll say that.

Anyway, I had previously heard the hd600's out of a mg head dt, and also out of my rotel integrated amp. The mg head sounded great, or so I thought. The integrated amp sounded alot like the Creek OBH-11 IMO. It was warm and smooth, but still sounded like a solid state amp. So anyway, the hd600's are completely different headphones out of a higher end tube amp (that narrows it down a bit...), so needless to say, I was very happy with my purchase.

So I started thinkin' about why I like my hd600's so much better than all the grado's I've owned (that includes SR125's, music series pro's, and rs-1's)... I guess it's because they're relaxing to me. I can sit back, get lost in the music, and relax. To me, that's what music is about... relaxing with some nice music after a hard day's work, just enjoying it. With the grado's it was hard because they're always so forward, even the warmer, more musical rs-1's. I'd describe the rs-1's as forward senn's, with tigher bass...not to say the hd600's bass is bad, just not as tight as the rs-1's.

So then I get some ety er4s's...well, that throws off everything I previously thought about musicality. So I'm sitting there listening to them, thinking "These things are so darn accurate, yet they're musical!" These are alot more accurate, more neutral, than my hd600's. However, they're not dry or analytical, they actually sound very musical. These provide what I think to be a presentation that I was hoping for with Grado's, but never got. They're upfront to a point, but are actually balanced... I could never say that about grado's (MAYBE the rs-1). Even out of a portable and total airhead, the ety's sound awesome...hifi on the road, sounds good to me So are these my favorite headphones now?

Hehe...no, I still like the hd600's. Why? I really don't know. Why do some people like sunny days and some prefer rainy days? The grado's IMO are sunny days. They're nice and all, but it's hard to relax with the sun in your eyes. The hd600's are like nice, quiet, rainy afternoons to me. Now, I'm still on the lookout for grado hp-1's, which may throw off my opinions even more than the ety's, but for now, the hd600's are exactly what I'm looking for. Hopefully my ramblings can help someone else that's just deciding between grado's and senn's... I've had both, listened alot to both, and prefer one over the other. Are grado's bad headphones? No, just not for everyone. There are a few other headphones I'd like to try... the sony cd3000's and r10's come to mind, as do the akg k1000's. But the HP-1's are at the top of my list.

With the amp I just got (I've seen a picture of it with Grado HP-1's sitting on it...that's hint number 2), I think it may just produce a sound that's just right. I've pretty much stopped upgrading my headphone system at this point, and amp concentrating on making my speakers sound better. But in the future this will effect my headphones because of my upgrade path... source first (which hopefully will include a Cary cd player, and a rega turntable), so I still have stuff to look forward to But right now, I'm at a point where I'm starting to really enjoy the music and not listen to equipment as much. Starting out it was about the equipment, figuring out what I liked, what suited my musical tastes, and I've found it...

Oh, at this point you probably wanna know my musical tastes, huh? I listen to, in this order, Dave Matthews Band, classical, and jazz. I'll listen to a few other things, not much pop, but some. Some classic rock, I listen to oldies on the radio in my car occasionally, but don't have a tuner in my system yet, so it basically boils down to what I said above. Most of my "reference tracks" are classical and jazz, and I play a little DMB to make sure it at least sounds decent

Ok, well, that's long enough I think. I hope this wasn't completely useless. Maybe someone will respond, maybe not... if yall even read all of it I just felt like posting tonight, so this is just what I was thinking about. Call it a synopsis of my headphone journey up until now I guess

So please post any thoughts on the above ramblings, and enjoy the music, that's why we do this after all!
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That's exactly why I prefer the Senn sound to the Grado sound; at the end of a long day at work, I'd prefer to mellow out rather than get pounded out...and I'd say that it's more like Grado:sunny day::Senn:warm summer evening
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I don't know about anyone else, but my curiosity is majorly peaked! Let's review the clues:
  • Tubes
  • Higher end
  • Picture with HP-1's on it
I give up, you can tell me. I won't tell anyone else, I promise.
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Melos SHA-1 perhaps? D
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I'd also guess melos...unless...no...couldn't be...
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You could put headphones on top of a MicroZOTL... hmmm is that it!? is that it??
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Melos? Maybe...
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Wheatfield HA-2
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Hehe...no, it's the melos sha-1. More about it later of course... Including some pictures of my whole system tomorrow or Saturday! Get excited
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dammit, I didn't notice that mischevious little smily after "maybe..." in that reply! if had seen that I would have known it was the melos. Oh well...
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Flumpus, after 16 years of searching, I'm happy with tubes, and the HD 600s. Glad you agree!
I know what it feels like to be able to actually feel like your listening to an amp, and speakers, or headphones instead of the music.
And yes, don't be scared to buy, a nice source either. Enjoy, and good luck!
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