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I doubt we'll see any decent universal players any time soon and when they do finally show up they won't be cheap. I really think the best way to cover both formats is getting the Toshiba HD-A2 which can be found for very close to $400 and a PS3.
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Originally Posted by virometal View Post
Yeah, I read that. What buzzkill. I'll cross my fingers and hope it's blog/forum conjecture.

Well, if it doesn't make it, props to LG for getting the ball rolling anyway. Speaking of conjecture, I bet there is a-lot of people like me who would be very interested in a combo player.

Well, I own a HD-DVD player (XA-1), so until then, that format will be my horse by default.
Is the XA-1 the true 1080p player going for about $1k? If so I was wondering how that stacked up against the one tkam mentioned HD-A2 at about $409 on Amazon.

What TV are you using viro?
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Originally Posted by wakeride74 View Post
Is the XA-1 the true 1080p player going for about $1k?
No, the XA-1 is first gen and does 720/1080i. The XA-2 is the new 1080p model.

I'm using using it 1080i via HDMI to a Sony 50" SXRD (KDS50A2000).

I've never had the chance to formally compare any HD-DVD players. Since you own a 360 though, I think you're smart for going with the HD-DVD player and letting all this crap sort out.

Me, I'm kind of a component whore.
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the most successful propriety audio system

Originally Posted by RnB180 View Post
I actually consider mini disc a failure

anyhow, sony didnt creat dvd and cd, it was a joint venture amongst several ce companies. Sony however is the head of Blu Ray, only to be supported by other companies. This is because they refused to decide on a unified format, so Sony basically gave the finger to everyone on HD DVD and created another format. I suppose if BD hits big they cash in big time.

They saw dollar signs and want their own proprietary format as the standard.
minidisk was and continues to be the most sold portable dap until this day outside of the apple ipod. no company, iriver, rio, creative etc etc has outsold sony's minidisc based players in their variants. for the large markets, only north america and maybe australia never really got on the boat, otherwise, it was a mad success. i know very few people from sweden and even england who have not either had one in the home or owned one personally.

it may be declining now and has been for 3 years or so even in its strongest supporting countries, but it is and was a smash success. but, that is not to say that it never made it anywhere in your country.
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Originally Posted by uzziah View Post
i think you're completely off; 1080p sets are still very expensive to most folk; otherwise i'd have one myself; and i think you're completely off that tv stations and other media providers will be spending boatloads to go to 1080p equipment when they've already spent loads going to 1080i, and HD content is still pretty pitifully low

The new 1080p sets aren't really any more expensive than the non 1080p sets of a year ago. Prices are also dropping by the month.

I didn't say anything bout 1080p broadcasts. My comments specifically referenced DVD, HD-DVD and Blu-ray formats.
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Originally Posted by J-Pak View Post
So true. Lord of the Rings Two Towers DVD versus 1080p uncompressed ts is like VHS vs DVD as far as image quality. It's unbelievable.
Which is great if you love Hollywood, I can't wait for the undoubtedly shoddy transfers that will start appearing for films I actually like.

I gotta feeling this will be DVD all over again.
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Originally Posted by J-Pak View Post
So true. Lord of the Rings Two Towers DVD versus 1080p uncompressed ts is like VHS vs DVD as far as image quality. It's unbelievable.
Wait, have you seen Two Towers in 1080p? I am confused. Could you clarify? I watched some of the trilogy that TNT broadcast in 1080i, and it did look great.

The LOTR Extended Edition DVD's are benchmarks visually. If viewing the 1080p version is like VHS to DVD, I would be very very excited!
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They don't even have a release date yet.

I've heard movies like Troy and Swordfish look exceptional but I have no idea how something like Superman Returns looks in HD vs. Blu-ray since it is one of the titles in both formats.

I will say that if Star Wars was released in one format that is the one I would buy a player for regardless of who wins!
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What do you guys mean it's not out yet

Sorry about the jpeg compression, makes it look much worse than it is.

You could get 1080p uncompressed transfers as early as 2005, 720p even before that
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Oh he is tricksy!

Okay, good one, I can't wait till that set comes out. Also can one imagine ROTK in lossless audio? Good night, the DTS ES now almost knocks my house down.
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the adult film industry may have big role in where this goes
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I wonder how relevant the Adult Film Industry still is to a format war, now that the greatest adult content delivery device in history has materialized.
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umm have you guys forgotten?
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I'm betting Blu-Ray is the clear leader/winner after 07. It's looking like the writing is on the wall for HD-DVD for the same reasons the prognosticators selected Blu Ray last year. (I own a HD-DVD player btw)

- Sales

- Studio Support

- Name Brand Manufacteres: at least in my part of the world, Sony, Panasonic, Samsung, and Pioneer carry more nameplate weight than Toshiba and RCA.

- The PS3 effect

- Marketing

What do you guys think?
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Originally Posted by virometal View Post
- Studio Support
That's really what this all comes down to. Universal is the only HD-DVD exclusive studio left and that really won't be enough in the long run. Having Microsoft in their corner though will probably allow HD-DVD to keep afloat much longer than it otherwise would.

I don't put much stock into the hardware name brand thing because frankly most of the blu-ray players absolutely suck and are terribly overpriced. It's a good thing the PS3 is such a nice blu-ray player.

BTW I currently support both formats as I have a PS3 and a Toshiba HD-A2.
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