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help with new PCDP (my sl-ct780 is junk)

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My 780 is acting up on me again (it stops during playback and resets to the first track) and I have to take it in to be serviced for the fourth time. Luckily I bought the extended warranty but having to give it up for 3 weeks at a time sucks, so I figured I'd just give it to my brother and let him deal with it (I'm afraid next time it happens I'll completely lose it and smash it to bits).
Anyway, I'd like a new pcdp with a decent headphone out ... a line out would be nice too, for my META42, but mainly I'd just use my Beyer 250-80s unamped. I thought I'd check around for the legendary SL-CT570 but there doesn't seem to be many around anymore and the few places that have them won't ship to Canada.
Is there anything new worth getting? Looking through past threads, people don't seem to have anything nice to say about the new Panasonics or Sonys. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

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Sorry, I meant to post this on the portable audio board.
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doubleA -- don't worry about it, it's no problem.

How much are you willing to spend? I love my Sony D-EJ01 (don't know if they still make them), but it costs way too much for a portable CDP. Then again, it's made of magnesium, has slot-load, and a 15mw/channel headphone output. I use the line out to my porta corda, though.

Sound among portables with good skip-protection does change, but once you get a decent one it doesn't change all that much -- DACs are usually similar, analogue output electronics basically the same, and the transport will be crappy no matter what. You're not going to get the highest fidelity out of a PCDP, so you might as well get something with good features. I've read around here that some of the higher-end Sonys are supposed to have pretty good sound. Maybe it's worth checking around Best Buys and Circuit Cities?
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Unfortunately, the Best Buys and Circuit Cities in my area carry only the lower-end PCDPs, most of which have no line-out at all. Unless the shopper at those stores wants to buy one that has MP3 capabilities - and even then, he/she may still get a crappy model.

The selection at those stores (at least in my area) is so p!ss-poor that you'll have to buy a model that includes a car kit OR MP3 capability OR an AM/FM radio just to get a line-out on a PCDP sold at those stores. However, fixup.net recommends the Sony D-FJ401, with G-Protection, an AM/FM radio, and a line-out. That PCDP sells for $89.99 at those superstores.
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I'd prefer not to spend more than $200 (US). I think I'm going to check out a D-EJ1000 tomorrow. Eagle_Driver, I noticed, in older threads you said you were happy with the headphone out on your D-EJ1000, which is pretty important to me because I'll primarily be using it unamped.
Does anyone know anything about the D-EJ2000? I think it's currently only available in Japan so I'm guessing it'll reach North American stores in the new year.
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Scratch that last statement, I just noticed that Audiocubes has the D-EJ2000 in stock. Has anybody heard it?
I think I may use the fact that the 2000s will be in stores here soon as leverage to get a deal on a 1000. I may have to rough the salesman up a bit. heheh
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I'm pretty sure the headphone out on the 2000 is less powerful than the 1000. (Sony wanted to increase the damned battery life.)
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yeah, it's only powered by one gumstick battery, so you pretty much tell from that..
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Double A,

Some Radio Shack stores still have the Panasonic SL-CT570. I bought one a couple months ago. I believe I saw one more here in Saskatoon SK Canada if you have no luck where you are.

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