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Headphone stores in Calgary/Edmonton, Alberta?

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The only stores I know of that sell high end phones in VERY limited selection are
Long & Mcquade | 105-58th Avenue SW (very close to chinook)
Axe Music | Bay #110 4040 Blackfoot Tr
Vistek | 10816 Macleod Trail SE (willow park village)
Vistek | 1231 10th Ave. SW.
Mothers Music | 3404 - 5th Ave NE
Loyalty Sound | 820 10th st Sw.

Long & Mcquade | 10204 - 107th Ave.
WILL update later on

does anybody know of more? (plese specify if calgary or edmonton cuz I live in Calgary). I found a store a while back that sold Grados but i for got who they were.
EDIT: places in the vicinity as well, airdre red deer etc.
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The Sound Of Music in Calgary has some high end headphones, they have Sennheisers for sure.
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Loyalty Sound, Calgary just right down 8th street.

Don't forget to look in their bargain bin; sometimes you might find something good. I found a pair of SR40s that way.
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hey i found the place that sells grados its
K & W audio 1424 - 4th Street South West
never been there but ya they say they sell Grados
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Here in Edmonton, Audio Ark (10745 - 124 St.) carries Grado, Sennheiser, and Ultrasone headphones. The University of Alberta bookstore (114 St - 89 Ave) currently has the Etymotic ER6 and both flavours of ER6i.
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its nice to see some people from Calgary around here on head fi (any U of C engineers? mike?)
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Shops in Edmonton

All the Hi-Fi shops in Edmonton have selections.

I've bought my Grados from Premier Audio. They carry (or did haven't been their recently) all models inluding the amp.

Audio Ark also carries Grados and Senns and Pro-Ject amps. They have one Ear Max amp on display. I got my Senn 600 from them and the Cardas cable from them. They have a good price as well. The 325i for example is $419 CAD. I almost bought it but then thought about the bills I have been mounting up and walked out quickly.

Gramophone carries Stax, AKG, Senns, Grados, Etomytic. They also have various amps. MF X-CAN v3, Rega Ear. They currently have the AKG 601 and 701. I got my 701 from them last month along with the X-can v3. And they gave me a good price.

Audio 5.1 had AKG. They have the least selection. I think they might have stopped carrying them.
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The Gramophone in Edmonton... big AKG, Grado, Etymotic, Senn dealer.

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Well, it looks like I'm going to have to pay The Gramophone a visit in my quest for new headphones - that's a very decent selection. It is worth nothing, however, that the U of A bookstore has much better prices on the Etys that they carry, as they're about $30-$40 less.

Originally Posted by canadiandude
its nice to see some people from Calgary around here on head fi (any U of C engineers? mike?)
I'm a U of A engineer.
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Ok so im gonna clean up the first post a bit and make a list with addresses for each store hopefully this can help some ppl out.
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also the axe music in edmonton
although I didnt find their selection to be that great
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Sorry to bump such a old thread but its what I found in the search.


So about 4.5 years later. Is there any new places that sell higher end headphones and IEMs



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Was in National Audio Visual in January this year and bought a sweet pair of RS2is and got a consignment upgraded RA-1 amp. Decent selection of Grados.

Edit: Edmonton by the way

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