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Where to get small gauge wire?

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Hi every one. I was wondering if anyone knew of a place to get some really really small gauge wire. I need some wire about the thickness of the wire used in voice coils. And probably a lot of it.
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C'mon, guys . Doesn't someone know?
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hey man, we're a small shadow of our former selves. Only a few DIYers are here compared to HW.. C'MON CHU WHAT IS TAKING SO LONG?!?! It's only money damnit. :P

I have no idea below 30#, it's too delicate and a pain to solder... I'd just throw up Google and parrot info I have no idea about... and you can do that yourself. For #26-30, it would depend on what you want and what you're doing... if you want 1000' of brand-name solid silver teflon coated, get out your checkbook (and your mortage book)
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My local electronics store has really small gauge insulated wire. I got some a while ago, neatly wound on a piece of cardboard. Nothing beats well stocked local store (they carry WBT, WIMA, Solen, misc tubes and many more).

Sorry, I would have no idea where to get stuff like that. Did you try searching all major sources (Digikey, Newark, Mouser, MCM, Insight)?
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Umm, wire wrapping wire? It's really thin (30ga) stuff used for solderless prototyping. If you need even thinner then just buy some REALLY CHEAP tiny speakers from RadioSchack (you've got questions we've got blank stares) and dissect 'em.
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Try scrounging around any surplus science stores in your area. In the chicagoland area there is a store called American Science and Surplus (or something like that) at which I bought a spool of 36 gauge wire. Of course, when you get wire that thin it really is a pain to solder. It's about the thickness of fine hair, and covered with a thin coating of enamel for insulation. In order to solder you have to get that enamel off somehow.... I used a razor blade and scraped it a few times, not very clean or reliable, but it works... sort of.
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The enamel should melt when you solder it.
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Ah, this wire brings back memories from high school!

What we did was just use a cigarette lighter flame (we were pyros too ) and put the end of the wire through that for about a second. The wire might have that burnt color, but it conducted electricity for us just fine.

EDIT: My face was messed up :P
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Try Rat Shack 278-1345B thing magnet wire assortment which has 200ft 30ga high purity coated wires. I got it under $2 on sale and use it in the return wires of my DIY silver interconnects.

Any thing thinner is not recommended as it's too fragile.

If you want to have 6-9s high purity silver wires (down to 32ga), call Hoover & Strong which is an industry leader. 800 759 9997
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Thanks for all of the replies everyone! I have one more question though. Just how thick is 30 ga wire anyway?
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It's about 1/100th of an inch or .255mm in metric system.
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Thanks for the relpy Templeboy. That sounds thin enough for what I want.
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This conversion page is from the Alpha Wire catalog

This one is from UltraCad, and compares wire to pcb traces, including resistances and current carrying capability

If you want more, let me know.
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