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Might prove hard to put one of these back together as it is filled with the same material Jude found whe dissecting hsi basic cable. And we all know what kind of a mess that fiasco created when he cut it open!!!!


Some how i doubt you would be tearing open a $1500 cable!!! If I owned a pair, they would have a big sign, "Hands off!! This means YOU!!" tacked to them at all times!!!!
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No, I'm serious.

I've got more than enough tools, and you really can take off those plugs without damage (how do you think they get on there?)

Literally CUTTING them open (a la Jude), on the other hand... nahh.

Besides, my dad does CT/MRI/ultrasound/etc scans for a living... if necessary, I could always have him take me in on a Saturday or something
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I'd like to see each Head-fi member donate $5 or something and then see if we can get a cord to "ruin". hahaha it would be funny if i could work.
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We'd need 300 donations for that to work... think we can do it?

If everyone does $10, we'd only need 150... and some could probably spare $20, so make it 130 (assuming 10 people donate $20)...

Jude takes PayPal at

The only thing is - should it be a Nite power cord or interconnect?
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Whoah!....puhleeze do not go sending me PayPal money....not for this....or for anything else, for that matter, unless you bought something from me.
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OK, then, never mind...

Would another one of the mods be willing to step up to the bat? (anyone with a good digital camera?)

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Hmmm....the next meet I host will have a sign requiring that all cutting implements be left at the door.

If you check Audiogon, the Nite Series is sometimes on sale at a much reduced price. Come to think of it, the last ad for the Nites I saw there had a pointer to this thread.

Let's all wave to the folks at Audiogon who have managed to wade this far through the thread! Hi guys!
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I would rather see a Nite pc cut open than an IC.

Has anyone thought of contacting VD for a Nite to dissect? Maybe Jude could.

The VD gave Markl a Nite FOR FREE...maybe they would do the same for us.
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ahahahah jude just got like $500 dollars in $5 increments. If we could pull it off I'd say a power cable. See what's really inside those babies.
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Quick update--

bkelly has just sent me his Nite Series RCA ICs for a trial, and all I can say is WOW!!!!!!!!!!!

The Nites replace a VD Reference series IC (that are quite outstanding on their own), between my Sony SCD-333ES with Modwright Mods and Bybee filters, and my Melos Maestro.

Talk about HUGE soundstage!!! This cable, yeah, it's hefty, fat, stiff, and inconvenient, but damn-- the sound quality is just phenomenal, as you would expect for such an expensive IC! Blast you, Brian for sending me this cable...

When I'm able, I'm going to buy a Nite Series IC for my system and sell my Reference ICs.

My jaw may need surgery to replace it back into my skull...

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A couple of things happened last week. I got a set of Cardas Golden Reference balanced interconnects. I got a quad of Sylvania VT-229's. One of the Amperex 6SL7's in the EAR went noisy. So, I wound up changing tubes at the same time I changed interconnects...not a good thing to do. I've been listening to the Golden Reference for several days, and just went back to the Nites (unbalanced) this evening.

What the ****** is going on here?

The Cardas cables are extremely accurate, but the R10 didn't respond well to them. The headphone went into its polite mode, where is will sound accurate as all getout, but won't exert itself. No oomph.

However, since I had just switched tubes, I thought the politeness might have been the new tubes, and let things be. Both tubes and cables might need some burning in. However, this evening, I got tired of polite, and put the Nites back in, to see if the tubes were simply not as good as the Amperex with familiar cables.

Immediately on switching back to the Nites, the R10 woke up. I have no idea what's happening. It's as though the Cardas was somehow choking the dynamic range. With the Nites, the EAR/R10 is awake.

This isn't all good. The HP-1 was dead-on with the Cardas, but doesn't seem to like the dynamic goings on with the Nites. It sounds good, but with that headphone I'd stay with the Cardas. Since I've got the ZOTL for the HP-1, I don't need to.

I don't think there are any alterations in frequency response. Bass sounds deeper with the Nites, but there's still no output below 30Hz with the R10. The real effect seems to be dynamics and imaging, at least with the R10.

Despite being a royal pain in the butt to set up, the Nites are going to stay in my system. They simply sound better than anything else I've tried.
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What is your take of the Nites used with the W2002?? I am curious to see if these work well, and if so, will the W1000s do likewise. It would seem a waste to pair up the wrong cable to these cans and have the sound come out all wrong!!
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I think the VD cables are OK with the W2002, but may not be the best. I haven't really done a lot of cable swapping with those cans. They like a clean neutral amp, so the VD may be a bit aggressive for them. The Cardas might work better. I'll check next time I swap cables around.

These cables aren't very stiff, are they?

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Even if the VD cables weren't so useful at transforming a meager RA-1 into a BlockHead, they'd surely be at least good for not only retrieving lost keys from a storm drain, but also for providing you excellent tuner reception as an antenna.
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Who needs coathangers when you've got VD?
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