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Reviews wanted on etys...

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Can anybody give me reviews on the various companies that make custom moulds for Etys? There are hardly any reviews that I can find on this forum. Essays not required, just a brief opinion, how they compare to the standard tips and which lab made them for you.

Thanx in advance....

Edit 6 Nov: Changed subject line
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Come on, guys, don't do this to me...
Do Aussies post at the wrong time for you so that their posts end up at the bottom of the list?
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I don't think many people have the custom moulds made. There are some reviews on the ety site about it, though. Give it a shot. Bear in mind that you will most likely be paying several hundred dollars on top of the price of the phones for these moulds, and no one else will be able to easily use your phones.
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I'd say custom moulds would basically add extra comfort, especially if you're got odd-shaped ears

I wouldn't be surprised if you could find somewhere local to make some for you, even rubber/silicone suppliers may be able to help you out.
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thanks, snufkin, but I just emailed a company in Australia that I bought some custom musicians earplugs from and I'll see if they can do it.

Meanwhile, the silence from across the Pacific is deafening! Please don't flame me because I haven't searched the forums - I have, but most people don't mention which lab made their moulds.

BTW, Mould is spelled with a U in most of Australia (I think) and the UK!
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IZCool -

1. Welcome to Head-Fi! Sorry...yada, yada, yada

2. Custom molds shouldn't cost that much. There is an Ety dealer in New York that will create molds for $30 with the purchase of the Ety's. The total cost with a real ear exam and such may run higher.

3. I think you may have uncovered the problem with your searches. Use the American spelling "mold" and you will get a bit more info from the search feature.

4. I do not own Ety's, or have custom molds myself, so I cannot speak from direct experience.

Good luck down under!

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The best way to find a lab that does it is probably to email etymotic. They should be made by an actual audiologist who has experience with making molds. Typically, the types of places that do it are places that also do hearing aids. But I would start with Etymotic themselves. Telling you where people get the molds made won't help you across the ocean because you will need to be fitted...good luck.
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As I mentioned in a previous thread, I have personally had serious problems with the custom earmolds, and now just use the foamies. Basically, if the molds are not made perfectly (and how is the buyer to know such things, even if they are order from one of the recommended vendors), the process of keeping the stems properly inserted in the molds can snap the ER-4s' stem. Etymotic graciously repaired mine twice (out of warranty, I might add), and even installed these neat little tubular extensions, in an attempt to minimize the problem. But the stems snapped again. So now, not to become overly dependant of the good will of the company, I use just the foamies -- which frankly, work better if you're planning on walking the streets of a major city, and look far less dorky! With the foamies, you can do the "cord over the back of the ear" trick, and minimize the microphonics of the 4S cord. I found doing that with the custom earmolds quite difficult.

Matt C
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I too have no experience with the custom ear molds but one thing I have heard is that the isolation is not as good as with the white silicone or foam earpieces.
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My molds were done by Sensaphonic. They produce a high-end phone that's based on the 4p and sells for around $700. From what I can tell, it's the 4p body with a different cable and custom molds. I chose them because they're in the high-end market and figured their high prices would force them to have high standards. My molds were $100.

The molds are beautiful. They have tiny red and black dots to tell which is left and right, and they even have my initials on them. I've heard that some molds are tough to get on and off the phones, but these molds come off easily.

I've been told the quality of the fit depends on the quality of the impression taken by the ear doctor, and this makes sense to me. I had my impressions taken at a hearing-aid center inside Sears and had the molds sent to Sensaphonics.

Although the custom molds are more comfortable than the standard rubbers, I don't use the custom molds much any more because they change the sound of the Etys, and I don't think they sound as good.

Isolation with my custom molds is as good as the isolation that comes from the rubbers, and I'd say it's better because the seal is less fragile. With the standard rubbers, a little jerk on the cable or some chewing will cause the seal to fail, and you'll know when this happens. The seal with my custom molds is always good.
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Thanks very much guys!

I have managed to find a company in Australia that can make the moulds for these earphones! Scary, huh? Anyway, I emailed them to find out how much and they said AUS$40.20 per side not including the impressions - much cheaper than US$100 plus freight! I hope that they sound OK if I decide to go that way.

And a special thankyou to LTUCCI1924! In order to get replies to a post like this one, all you've gotta do is post it at the right time! Otherwise, it's on the third page by the time the USA logs on to head-fi!
Thanks again.
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I had two sets made - both were crap and the phones just popped out and won't stay in.

They did change the character of the sound a little but they were good sounding (when they worked).

To be honest I don't think I would recommend moulds - the Ety's work well without.
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