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Scott and I have done a lot of business together, but most recently he modded my 600Ω DT990 with dual-entry balanced cables, made dual-entry balanced cables for my Chocolate Donuts (custom woody Orthodynamics), made a custom cable for my Equation RP-21, and several IC's for my gear.
There are three modders on Head-Fi that I trust completely to do things right without worry, and Scott is one of them (the others are Fitz and looser101). There aren't enough good things to say about his craftsmanship, and more importantly his character.
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Wow! Quick shipping & very well packaged! Scott is a great guy to deal with and a great Head-Fi'er indeed! Highly recommended! Thanks again!
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I purchased the imod and the hornet from Scott.
They 're very well packed.
Great transaction and fast shipping to Thailand.
Highly recommended!

Thanks Scottt!!
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Scott made me some custom XLR to Spade Lug cables to run my K340, and Chocolate Donuts off of my power amp. They are absolutely gorgeous, and sound fantastic! Thanks Scott!
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AKG K81 DJ (solid silver recable)

Great transaction, was not expecting headphones of such great quality. fast shipping.
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Black Beyer Velour Pads

I sold a pair of black Beyer velour pads to Scott. He was very friendly throughout the transaction and extremely easy to deal with. Paid very promptly and great communication throughout. I am looking forward to doing business with him again in the future.
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Bought my swans 2.1 speakers. Smooth transaction, I would have absolutely not hesitate dealing with him again!
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Scott is a WONDERFUL seller!

Im real impressed with Scott. This seller was most helpful before the sale , educating me about his product . The transaction itself was effortless, stressless and very pleasant! Thanks Scott!!
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I traded portable amps with Scott - my Hornet M for his Move. We communicated through e-mail and everything was as smooth as silk. The amp arrived very nicely packed, and in perfect working order, as promised. You may add me to the list of Scott's happy customers!
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Bought Scott's handmade IC for his iMod fem dock.

Coupled with an ALO fem iMod dock it made my ordinary (blase) pod sing.

Could be my imagination, but without Scott's generousity I would not have had the experience!

Thanks, Scott! Thumbs up!
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Great guy and makes top-notch quality ICs.
Definitely one of the most pleasurable transactions that I have had on Head-fi.
Would not hesitate to do business with Scott again.
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Scott made me an ipod LOD. Looks and works great. A pleasure to do business with.
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warrior05 was a pleasure to do business with and I would not hesitate to do so again.

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Received today a set of Equation Rp-21's from Scott, including Beyer leather pads and a new cable.

So easy to deal with, and the phones were in great condition, were well-packed, and arrived quickly.

It just doesn't get any better! Thanks for everything.
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Bought an iMod dock from Scott & he gave me a free pair of foamies too!
Awesome transaction & great guy.

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