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Home-can for dap, no amp, $125?

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Hi guys!

I'm searching for a nice new headphone for my iAUDIO G3 (no amp, output 2*13mW/16Ohm). I would use it at home only and it shouldn't cost more than 100 Euro/125 Dollars. I would prefer a bit of isolation but open ones would be acceptable too. I mostly listen to hard rock, punk rock and a bit of ska-core.

I have the Philips HP460 for portable use, would an upgrade to a higher priced headphone even make sense with the G3 as the source?

Thanks in advance for your help!
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Alessandro MS-1. $99 USD
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Sennheiser HD-485 or Alessandro MS-1.
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Just curious, tungsten_95, how do you like your Philips HP460?
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I have got the same problem.
My budget is 200 USD.
Please, help me.

P.S. I'm cosider ATH-ES7, Senh HD25-1
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For Tungsten, I second the MS1 choice.
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Thanks for the replies! the Alessandro looks like a great deal, only thing that bothers me is the fact I have to send it back to the USA in case of a defect. But it seems like the MS-1 is exactly what I'm searching for.

I'll take a closer look at the Sennheiser HD-485 too. After I read some negative opinions on the HD-555 (costs 100 Euro where I live), I didn't think the "smaller" Sennheisers would be better. Guess I was wrong.

Any other Headphone I should consider?

Just curious, tungsten_95, how do you like your Philips HP460?
I'm really no expert in head-fi, but compared to the EP-630 I had before, the Philips are better in everything except isolation. They sound nicely balanced and detailed. I picked the EP-630 this morning for my daily train ride and really missed the HP460. I got them for 34 Euros (=40 something Dollars) and it was a very satisfying purchase.
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If I'm reading it correctly the Sennheiser HD-555 sells for about $120 on Amazon.de (or $105 from Amazon.com.) If the HD-555 is only a small step down from the HD-595 (which I run out of my DAP) then this might be a very good choice for you.

I also have the MS-1 which I run out of my DAP and it's a fantastic can for the money.
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Yeah the HD595 works great with my DAP (in fact better than it does out of the X-Fi). I can't imagine the 555 being that much worse. If you see the 595s for a good price I'd grab that
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I read some reviews of the 555 and the 595, and it seems like the qualities of the 595 are more to my liking. The 595 is €130 ($165) shipped, the 555 -lile Spaceage said- €100/$120. The 595 is good bit over my limit, but I plan to use this headphone for a fairly long time, so I think the €30 would be well spent.

So, I think I'll have to decide between the MS-1 and the 595. The MS-1 is much cheaper and gets glowing reviews, but the 595 is easily avaible, looks very comfortable and solid (as opposed to the MS-1) and seems to sound more neutral, which is something I like from a headphone. I guess I'll have to sleep over this.

Thanks for the help for everyone so far. Any further recommendation is appreciated of course as I still didn't make up my mind.
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Concerning returning the MS-1s to the US in case of a defect:

I have(I think )read virtually every post ever written about the MS-1s, and all I remember reading was just one incident of a problem with an MS-1.

I have read of a small number of problems with SR-60s, and in each case they were resolved very quickly and cheaply with happy words from the owners!!

May I put in another good word for MS-1s?

I really like mine!!
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AKG K81DJ is worth a look as well. Not as comfortable as the 555s (though they do get better once you break in the head band), but do provide some isolation. Sound is slightly less detailed, but way more punch and depth with the lows...if you're into that.

I can drive both easily through a Nano.
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MS1 isn't available in Russia
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I myself ruled the MS-1 out, the positive feedback for this can is impressive, but after some reading, I think a circumaural headphone would suit me better. Comfort is very important for me.

For the HD595, I'm getting more confused the more I read of them. Some people love it, some people hate it (for rock at least). I'm starting to consider the A900, but it would be almost double the cost of my original limit (and about $40 more than the HD595) and has to be imported. But if I buy a cheaper can now, I may be buying another one in the near future.
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I've owned the HD555's and currently own the 595's. Both are incredible for the money. I purchased the 555's as my entrance into Head-fi-ness, and I loved them. They didn't need an amp, straight out of my Zen Nano. After a while I started to get upgrade-itis, and moved to the 595's. Both are great, but the 595's are tighter, and more up front. An all-around great can.
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