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Panasonic RP-HT770?

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Is the Panasonic RP-HT770 good for the money?

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They sure look nice. Specs are good but that can be misleading. You may have to try them out and let us know.
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wow these are on ebay for really cheap ($47)...if they aren't good headphones, at least it looks like a hi quality housing and can be used for modding
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Originally Posted by mektarus
They sure look nice. Specs are good but that can be misleading. You may have to try them out and let us know.
OK. I may pick some up. Can always return them. They sure do look beautiful in their box (saw them in person). In fact it's one of THE best looking headphones I've ever seen (from the ouside of a box). I might faint if they actually sound good for the money.
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please post ur impressions!!
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Impressions of RP-HT770

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Impressions of RP-HT770

Bizarre dilemma:

The Panasonic RP-HT770 only sounds superb (using the micro/mini-connector) on a one-of-a-kind prototype custom hybrid (solid-state/tube CD player + amplification) system that someone gave me. In this system it sounds as good as any of the other very high end headphones that someone also loaned me (using all the positive adjectives that have already been used to describe the best headphones).

However, on all other systems and combinations (both high end and low end) I tried it in, the RP-HT770 sounds awful in every way possible. Moreover, even though the RP-HT770 is extremely comfortable for me (I have a small head and ears), it would be very uncomfortable for anyone with an average size or larger head.

Therefore, I am sorry to say, that even though I am keeping the RP-HT770,
I recommend that everyone else totally ignore the RP-HT770; it would
be a complete waste of your time and money relative to the other more worthy products available (from Audio-Technica, Sennheiser, Koss, Grado, Alessandro, and Goldring) in this price bracket or somewhat higher price bracket.
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any pics?
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Originally Posted by Whitewind
any pics?
Maybe somebody can enlarge the Panasonic website picture? You can click on the "LARGER VIEW"
portion of the Panasonic Website picture to get more detail.


They are mainly made of plastic and beautifully (elegantly) styled in refined tasteful shades of shades of grey, silver, and a minute touch of simulated "chrome". The cord is made of a black synthetic fabric material designed to reduce microphoniics. The pads are also made of a black synthetic fabric material.
By the way, the ear openings are so small that, although this headphone is circumaural on me, it would be a weird kind of hit-and-miss supra-aural headphone on anyone with an average or larger size head.

There is a barely audible microphonic low tone "creeky" sound that comes from the cans rubbing against the head when the head is turned. This subdued "creeky" sound cannot be heard when music is playing.

Some people may not like the way the suspension headband looks. It looks similar to Audio-Technica and AKG suspension headbands.
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I really like these headphones, they comfortable as h*ll. The bass is not as heavy but the acoustic bass sounds nice, well just right (for me). They played with most electronics (portable cd players, radios.etc), but not mp3 players. You do need a nice amp for these headphones, something with some current.
AD815 hint hint
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     I am new to the community and I read this after your initial impressions of these... I have to disagree with your assessment there Dr. Sade.. These phones are actually a lot better than what you are saying.. I think I like these over the AD700..The sounds are very neutral with a wide sound stage and has a very precise sound to em. Similar to a AD700..I just got them myself today and my initial impressions are.. These kick ass for the price. Infact I would like to see more guys chime in on this phone. Totally worth the money asked for these IMO...


    These might surprise a few of you guys.. I wouldn't hesitate to try em out.... I recently bought a few budget phones for comparisons and out of curiosity.. This one ranks among the tops in my book.. The Samson SR850 and the Kicker 09HP541 and these Panasonic RP-HT770.  All 3 are surprisingly good.. All 3 I am keeping... I did a head to head comparison to my AD700s and These are shockingly similar in many ways... A hidden Audio Technica?... $48 on Amazon..I would even say these are GREAT for the price. Try em out.. Comfy..Looks great better than the AD700s imo not so clownish.. There is nothing weak about the sound signature at all. Surprising. I will chime in more once I get em burned in.. Out of the box the sound was a bit thinner than the AD700s.. I have a feeling this will change once I get em properly burned in..

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  SO I have been burning these in for a 3 days now. The sounds are punched out and they are ASTONISHINGLY good.. I think I prefer these over my Audio Technica AD700s.. I hope for the few that will look at this thread that are looking for excellent sounding budget cans... The sound has nothing Budget about them.. The more I listen to em the more it is evident of the Audio Technica signature on em. The best way to describe em would be.. Very very similar to the AD700s but with more of a cohesive smoother overall sound and BASS.. No exaggeration in the highs as the AD700s can do...

   Undiscovered. I think..These are fantastic Cans..It is hard for me to understand how these would not be recommend.. Sound awful? Really.. Damn if these

sound awful I am wondering what you would consider sounding good..


    DO not overlook these.. Is all I can say about these.

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I recently just purchased the JVC HARX700 and really love them. Then I came across these and they look soooo comfortable. I want to buy a pair but everyone keeps comparing them to Audio Technica, and recently I bought and had to return the infamous M50's because after 10 minutes of use my eardrum hurt. I think the soundstage was so broad or the highs so high it hurt my ear. What do you think, will these hurt my ear?

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