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Beater Headphones: px100 vs KSC75

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I need a pair of cheap, but decent headphones for portability and what not. My Koss Plugs have been chewed through by my stupid cat. I'm thinking of either the Sennheiser PX 100 or Koss KSC75.

What do you guys think?
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I've haven't heard the ksc75, but I own px100's and I love them. They're very well balanced and handle all genres of music. You really can't go wrong with them. While not the most revealing headphone, the px100's are really easy and pleasing on the ears. Also, I think they look better than ksc75's.
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Depends on taste. I like KSC75 much more than PX100. It sounds way more aggressive, where PX100 is more softer. Both are great choices. However, they do not isolate AT ALL, so be carefull with the volume knob when listening outside.
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another vote for the koss here! my ksc75's arrived today and im very satisfied. comfortable and fast/warm sounding, awesome for metal on the go!! perfect beataround headphones.
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Based off price point alone, the KSC 75s are a better beater phone. $20 vs $40. I also prefer the sound of the KSC 75 to the PX100, having owned both. I also think that the KSC 75 respond better to source/amp changes later down the line. Just no isoloation. When I need the isolation I use the CX300s.
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If you want over the head with KOSS drivers, PortaPro should do.
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I like PX100's more than KCS-75's. It's more comfortable, and more of my style of music. Bass is more controlled, music is more balanced, and everything sounds smoother to me.
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I have never heard a KSC75 before, but I have heard a PX100 and I have to say they are well worth the money, offering me good sound and the fun bassy boom that my iem's lack.
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I think you'll love the KSC-75s; you really can't go wrong with them, and there's not too many headphones I'd say that about.
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I haven't heard the PX100's either, but I 100% guarantee you they will be well worth your money.
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Both are great. I prefer the PX100 for my music.
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Koss KSC75's....
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ksc75 for me. the px100 sounds too boring with flabby bass in comparison.
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Both are outstanding values. I prefer the PX100 because it is, in my experience, far more durable. I've owned the PX100s for two years and they are nearly bullet-proof. The Koss broke in the first week (thought Koss has an excellent warranty).
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In terms of sound I personally feel the PX100 sounds a little dull in comparison to the KSC75. On the other hand, I think the PX100 is more comfortable, not to mention having a better design. The clip part of the KSC75 is a bit weak.
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