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Great communication and quick payment.

A pleasure to deal with!
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Dave and I had a trade. The trade went smoothly and communication was great. I would not hesitate to deal with davederek again.

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I sold a pair of Sennheiser CX95s to Dave. Paid promptly. Thanks!

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Headphonia Lyrix

I purchased a headphonia Lyrix portable headphon eam/Dac from Dave. There was a lot of good communication and the transaction was very smooth.
I would definately recomend him as a stand up Head-fier and a nice guy to deal with.

Chris "Carter" Carr
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Dave and I had a trade. Eveything went smoothly and couldnt be any happier. I know I'll be coming back for more trade with him.
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I bought a pair of RS-2's and an RA-1 from Dave, as well as having met him in person a couple of times. He is a great seller, treats his equipment very well, and is extremely trustworthy. I have had the phones and amp for several months now, with nary a problem. It was a great sale.
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A while back I built a balanced-->single ended cable for dave.

Communication was good, payment was prompt (he paid when I delivered it to his house) and he generously hosted a mini-meet!

Great transaction.
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I've known Dave for several years now, so it was no surprise that our first business transaction (I bought a pair of Senn CX-95 IEMs from him recently) went flawlessly when he came to my place for a mini-meet of both headphones and refurbished speakers of mine. The Senns were in mint condition, except that they were already burned in - hardly a flaw! A class act indeed!!

Great transaction.

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Another great deal with Dave. Just got in a pristine pair of Yuin PK-1's, in partial trade for one of my phones.

Not only is Dave great to chat with, about many a subject, but he's just an all-around excellent person. There was an issue with my side of the trade, and he's been very easygoing and willing to work it out.

Cannot recommend anyone higher! A true pleasure to deal and chat with!
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My AKG trade with Dave went smooth as he's a nice and knowledgable guy to boot!
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I traded my Decware Zen Head for Dave's Grados. Dave's communication and flexibility were excellent as we discussed potential trade options, I really enjoyed this transaction. Thanks!
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Dave and I worked through a three-way deal that went fabulously. He was great to communicate with as we hammered out all the details and patient and very helpful as I brought in the third party. We have already started negotiating another interesting deal! I feel like I have made a good Head Fi friend in the process :-) I cannot recommend enough!

Thank you Dave!!!
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I was the other party that purchase the GCHA from Gu Sensei, shipped by Dave. Excellent communication, and I would do deal with anyone of them again.
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daveDerek and I traded some headphones. He was very understanding and patient throughout the transaction and would not hesitate to deal with him again. Thanks Dave!
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Bought Sextets from Dave -- excellent value, great guy.

A+++ and even more +++
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