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I sold Dave a Woo Audio headphone stand. He paid when he said he would and communicated well. Thanks
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I sold Dave some CD's. it was an excellent transaction with him as always and I wouldn't hesitate to sell to him again! Thanks Dave enjoy the music!
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I sold Dave a pair of Atrio M5 IEMs. A model transaction, and I wouldn't hesitate to do business with him again. Hope you like them. I know I did.
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I sold Dave two Corda Cross-1s that I built from Jan's PCB giveaway and Neil's case group buy. Excellent person to deal with. Thanks, Dave.
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Just completed yet another flawless transaction with Dave. I think this is the third deal we've had now...I'm losing count. Dave and I swapped my JVC DX-1000s and a Black Dragon XLR to 1/4 cable for his Rudistor NKK-01 an RCA cable and some cash. No problems at all. It was great dealing with Dave as always.

Thanks Dave! I hope you enjoy the JVCs.
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2nd transaction with Dave. Sold him my X3's. Paid real quick and quick communication.
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nice meeting you today! hope you enjoy the HPA1! Highly Recommended and Knowledgeable Head-Fier!
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Sold: HD25-1 II + HD600 cable.

Smooth transaction, very friendly and great communication, fast payment. Would gladly do business with again!!
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Sold him a pair of um2s. Very patient in my answering of his questions and provided a quick payment. A pleasure to do business with!!
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Excalibur & The Holy Grail

A few years ago, there was an undersea slip of two plates which caused the earth to move in its orbit by some 0.00008 seconds, backwards, as tidal waves began to sweep over islands and shores. The whole world took notice and places like Tahiti got drastically drenched...

About a year and a half ago, it happened again. I got a call from a New Yorker, world traveling, connoisseur of music, bands, jazz, headphones and all things general interest & chit chat, ha... He knew I had his custom collector exotic koa PF-1's, and that he had my rare custom collector reference HP3000... Yeah, there was a little ripple in the water, but I wasn't so sure, ha...

Dave knows a million things about a million things and we had plenty to talk about over the next eighteen months. He seems to know everything about everyone and everything on head-fi as well, which made this classy guy a delight to experience the earth shattering extraction of my once beloved PF-1's. Of course the prolific far seeing genius was exactly right in his predictions, and so I shipped over to NY my Excalibur and he Tossed me his Holy Grail HP3000.

Stellar Deal, of course... Many, many knights sought me for the PF-1, but I was like a rock... Dave pulled it from me like he was the rightful king, which he is, of course. There may be many more ripples and waves to come from this royal treasure trade, and time will never be on its original axis again, but Dave and I will both be smiling for years to come for all the enjoyment we risked to bring each other. After all, owning both the Holy Grail AND the Excalibur is no quest but for the most gallant of dragon-slayers.

Ha! I kill myself! Thanks Dave!!!
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Dave sold me his Futuresonic Atrio M5, shipping them across the pond to the UK, box and all.
To my delight, they got here a mere 5 days after I paid, and of course, they were in wonderfully kept condition.
A super friendly, helpful, totally recommended Head-Fier!
Thanks Dave!
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Sold dave my audio technica's. very quick payment and easy to deal with. was a pleasure.
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Dave bought a balanced to single-ended adapter from me. He was a pleasure to deal with and I'd do it again without hesitation.
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I sold Dave a pair of IEMs and had no problems whatsoever. Ran into a few problems with e-mails not showing up, but he was adamant and did everything he could to keep in touch throughout the entire process. He's a great Head-Fier to deal with, and I would definitely not hesitate to do business with him again!

Thanks very much!
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Bought a pair of UM2 from Dave and this post is way overdue but he was very prompt with his email responses and it was a very smooth transaction. Also gave me an unbiased opinion of comparable IEM's. Even so, I love the pair that I bought.
Thanks again Dave.
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