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Dave bought my HD650/Equinox from me, sent payment instantly and communication was very clear. Would gladly do business with him again.
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I traded my HP-2 for Dave's K1K. Everything went great. He was extremely understanding and accommodating about the value I placed on the HP-2. Dave has a great deal of gear and knowledge. Deal with confidence.
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This is my third transaction with Dave. I have sold him a few items, and this time I purchased a pair of Yamaha HP-1 Orthodynamic headphones from Dave. I have to say that after my numerous dealings on Head-Fi this is the first time I felt a seller was a little misleading. This is what Dave had to say in his ad "here's your opportunity to own an exceptionally clean set of Yamaha HP-1 orthodynamic headphones". Well I would not call these exceptionally clean, I would call them "MINT". Seriously when I pulled these out of the box I was stunned, these are 30 Y.O. headphones and they look absolutely brand new! Pads, headband, everything is perfect. You just don't find these like this, if you're lucky enough to find them at all. Now I'm embarrassed, because I feel like I stole these from Dave. I paid what he was asking, but he wasn't asking enough. Dave is a very honorable gentleman, and you should not only feel comfortable doing bussiness with him, but excited to get the opportunity.
Dave you're tops in my book, you've joined the list of my top 5 favorite Head-Fiers to do bussiness with!
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I had expressed interest in Dave's RS-1s. I also happened to mention that I was curious about the difference between the sound of the RS-1s and MS-Pros. Dave graciously invited me to his house to give both a listen. Well, get two head-fi'ers in a room with some sweet toys and before you can say "electrostatic" we were swapping between a number of his headphones and had a mini-meet. Tons of fun! I bought Dave's RS-1s but that was just icing on the cake. Dave is passionate about this crazy hobby of ours and generous in sharing his passion. Consider yourself lucky if you ever transact with him.

Thanks a ton, Dave!
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This is the second deal I have done with Dave. We traded some Stax for Grados and everything went very smoothly. Dave is very friendly and easy to deal with. I would highly recommend him to anyone and look forward to dealing with him again.

Thanks again for the swap Dave!
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Dave bought a pair of UE's from me. Communication was courteous and he paid when he said he would. Wouldn't hesitate to do business with again. Enjoy the UE's Dave !

Cheers !
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Just completed a trade with Dave, communication was top notch and I was kept aware of things throughout the trade. A definite gentleman to deal with.
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Dave purchased some Beyer Leather pads from me and was immediate with payment even though he knew it would be a wait for the product. Dave and I have been in constant communication and he is an excellent Head-fi member!
Do not hesitate to do business with Dave.


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Another great deal with Dave, another trade - I sent a Heed Can Amp + some $, he sent some Ultrasone and Senn headphones.

As always, it is great to deal and chat with Dave. Both headphones are in great condition and sound great, too. Arrived here quickly and well-packed.

Talk to you again for the next round of toys to try!!
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Bought some KSC35's from me. Paid real fast and great communication. Dave's got lots of feedback already, but I'd just like to repeat many other people's comments - he is a great buyer.
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I sold Dave some headphone cases, and he was very prompt with communication and payment. What more could any seller want in a buyer? Great transaction! If I had more cases, I would have sold him more.
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I sold Dave a pair of Darth Beyers. I have exchanged several emails with him and this is my third transaction- I can honestly say, Dave is a stand up guy. His communication is always great and every transaction has gone off without a hitch. I welcome future transactions with Dave.

Thanks again, and enjoy your long sought after zebra Darths.
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Dave is a pleasure to do business with!
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I sold Dave a pair of headphones. Communication was really pleasant and prompt, and payment was timely, as well. I wouldn't hesitate to do business with Dave again. Thanks for the smooth transaction!
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Not much to add--it's all pretty much been said. I sold Dave my unmodded Hornet, and he worked with my crazy schedule while I was in town--and was blessed to be able to trade bee-for-honey. This sassy froop really knows where his towel is at! (Courtesy goes to Douglas Adams on that one. =p) Deal with utmost confidence. d(^__^)b
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