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from dave i bought a beyer dt-770 (m)

very smooth, as i expected from my previous experience from him.
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V-Moda Vibe

Bought a pair of V-Moda Vibes from Dave. He was great to deal with, offering thourough description of the headphones and mods. Nice communication and fast shipping too.

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Dave is a great guy, to deal with and just chat with. We worked a swap deal for some headphones and other audio gear. We also spent the better part of 2 hours one day just chatting about stereo equipment and other things.

As we finalized the deal and things were ready to go, he kept up great communication (including phone calls) to keep me updated. He sent the gear well packed, creating his own great protective packaging when he realized the box for one item was gone.

This has been a great experience, even if there wasn't a trade involved! But getting to try new things is even more fun Many thanks, Dave, we'll definitely be talking more.
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Dave bought a pair of headphones from me. The communication was quick and responsive. He sent payment quickly after we settled on a deal. All in all, a pleasant transaction and I would recommend anyone to deal with him.
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DAVE did a trade + money for my Ultrasone 2200. He gave me his phone # and we talked for a while. He is a very nice guy and sent the money as we talked. We crosed shipped and I would gladly deal with him again any time.
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purchased a DT990 '05 from dave. excellent communication and prompt with everything! A++ and a wonderful head-fier! headphones sound great and are in superb condition.
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My second deal with Dave. I sold my ATH-ES7. A smooth transaction from beginning to end. What more can I say? He's a great guy and Head-Fi'er.
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I bought a pair of AKG K81DJ from Dave for my cousin. Great person to deal with.
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Sold Dave a RudiStor NKK-01 amp. We met up in person at the NY Regional 3-3-07 Meet for the actual transaction (payment method was via personal check), got to chat with him a bit, he was a really nice and cool guy. Communication over e-mail before we met up was always great, no probs there. Would deal with again!
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It took us a while to get the transaction finished, but this is because my timezone is 7-8 hours off of his!

Dave was a great guy to work with, If a chance to do business with him comes up again in the future I will be taking advantage of it!

thanks dave,

-matt k
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Dave and I swapped my Yuin PK2s for his ATH-CK7. Great transaction, fast shipping, and a very nice guy to work with. I have no problem recommending him to a friend.
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Dave responded to my WTB thread for a Cardas cable for my Senn's. After sending paypal, I had it in my mailbox two days later. This guy is no joke. Thanks for a most awesome cable.
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Sold some GS1000 ear pads to him. Excellent buyer. Very quick replies and payment. I have no problem doing business with him again.
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Dave bought 11 CD's from me. Good communication throughout and he paid me in American currency. He is some nice guy. Recommended!
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I sold Dave a Miles Davis 2 CD set, I was paid promptly and communication was great! I would recommend any transaction with Dave! Enjoy!!!
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