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Bought my iGrados. Smooth transaction and a nice guy.
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David bought my Beyerdynamics. Remained patient, even when I accidentally passed over some of his PMs (please forgive me, Dave). Truly a class act--friendly and responsive and, most important, thoroughly trustworthy. Cheers, Dave!
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I did a trade, K701s for HF-1s, no problems at all.
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Traded headphones with Dave. Very smooth transaction. Solid guy.

Thanks Dave!

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What a great transaction! Everything went very smoothly without a hitch. Thanks, Dave, and Happy New Year!
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Made a trade with Dave for his Total Bithead 06 and Senn CX300's for my Stax sr-001. The deal was flawless and he maintained prompt and courteous communication throughout. They arrived very quickly and were packed well. I can only say good things about this guy and hope to deal with him in the future.
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Dave bought my PTH device, he was quick with his payment and patient with my communications... I would sell/trade with Dave anytime! And hope to do so.
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Dave purchased a cd from me. His payment was prompt and his communication very good. I would gladly make future transactions with him!
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Dave was really easy to deal with and patient over the few weeks I was away on break. Very prompt responses and a real pleasure to deal with. Thanks!
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Dave was very accomadating and very easy to deal with. Bought a pair of prestine HD595 from him. Always communicated well and was very responsive.

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Dave bought some CDs from me. Nice guy, great transaction. I would recommend him.
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I sold Dave my KGSS. This is my second sale to Dave. We discussed a trade, but he was very reasonable when it didn't work out. When the trade didnt work, Dave requested a little time, and sure enough, followed through with the deal as promised.

Dave is a very trustworthy and reasonable headfier. I wholeheartedly recommend him.

Thanks Dave, enjoy the amp.
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Dave and I swaped headphones. This was a smooth transcation and communications were great! Even got a little something extra. Thanks Dave.
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Dave purchased my Xin Supermicro 4 and Philips can from me. I finally figured out why I have a big hole in my wallet...that's because Dave always recommend me good trades or buys The man is nicest evil person I know Thanks Dave...keep coming back for more because I still have plenty
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to dave i sold a cardas k1000 cable that i built.
comunication was good, i wnet over to his place, and we had a mini meet with a decent focus on the cable, and it was great.

all in all excellent.
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