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I let Dave borrow my Alessandro MS-Pro for extended auditioning. In the end, we decided to trade my MS-Pro with one of his cans. Dave is very trustworthy and honorable gentlemen. He always kept me informed of his impressions about my equipment and there were numerous emails comparing notes and opinions. This has been my BEST experience since I joined Head-Fi. I would never hesitate doing any type of transactions with Dave. Oh...thanks for converting me to AT man;-)
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I swapped my 1 week old 2006 DT880's with Dave's HD600's. Not only did we have solid PM/e-mail communication, but he was really awesome to chat with over the phone. From our very enjoyable phone chat, it was apparent that he's both really knowledgeable and passionate about enjoying music through a fine setup and rig. He is definitely trustworthy and a pleasure to deal with. Thanks, Dave!! I'm very much enjoying the HD600's as I type this!
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I sold Dave a PTH unit for the E500. He paid promptly and provided me with all the information I needed to ensure rapid delivery. A first-rate customer and a credit to Headfi;-)

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I bought a set of AKG K240M from Dave. He answered my emails promptly, gave me a very reasonable priced and set the package well packed, insured and via fast Priority Mail.

He could not take pictures of the headphones beforehand, but rest assured they will be in good condition and exactly as he described; mine were.
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Sold Dave a pair of 2005 DT990's. Perfect transaction, absolutely no issues. Recommended!
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Yet another great transsaction with Dave. He purchased my upgraded Gilmore V2-SE. His communication is absolutely flawless and he always keeps his word. I don't have to say, "I will do more future transactions with Dave"...because I have..and I will. Thanks Dave...
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Bought some Grado Flats and Comfies from me. Nice guy, easy to work with.
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I sold Dave an amp and he was very friendly; easy to deal with at all times. Good quick communication. He kept all his agreements. Dave is a credit to Headfi and a good advocate of our hobby. Perfect transaction.
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sold him a pair of comfy pads and a Grado extension cable. Was prompt in payment, courteous in manner, and patient when it came to my Post Office's screw up. Thanks again
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I sold Dave a pair of replacement Senn cables that I made up. The transaction went quickly and smoothly, I'd definitely recommend him to any fellow Head-fiers.


P.S. Dave-I tried PMing you but your box is full!
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Sold my sony D-465 pcdp to Dave and the transaction went very smoothly. Payment was received in good time and communication was first rate. I certainly wouldn't hesitate to deal with Dave again.
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I purchased a set of headphones from David at a meet. He was perfectly fine with my extended audition I gave them and didn't press me or make me feel obligated to purchase them just becuase I showed prior interest. I realized I gave him an extra bill the next day and he was very honest in replying that yes he had indeed found that extra bill in his wallet and offered to get it back to me somehow. A very honorable man! Buy or Sell with confidance. Thumbs Up!
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Dave and I swapped headphones. After much emails back and forth, I finally made up my mind and went ahead with the trade. Smooth transaction from start to finish, a good experience all around. Thanks!
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Dave and I traded headphones, his HD580s for my Ultrasones. The transaction was super smooth and Dave was great at making me feel comfortable about the trading process. I would certainly recommend him to other buyers/sellers and do business with him again. Thanks for the great trade, Dave!
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Bought a 5 pro from Dave. The headphones arrived in immaculate condition, and everything went very, very smoothly. Dave also kept excellent communication with my inquiries and was a very nice person to deal with.

Thanks, Dave!
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