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It was a true pleasure to deal with dave, I got from him an immaculate pair of w5000's , he has set the high standard of what a transaction between headfiers should be! he goes all the way! thanks dave!!!
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Had a great transaction with dave, got a great deal on some gently used Audio Technica a900's. Because of his expereince, he was able to do a compare/contrast based on his past experience with many different cans including a pair that I had owned. If you get the chance, I highly recommend doing business with him.

Also, great packaging and fast shipping.
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I bought a pair of Grado SR-60's from Dave. The price was very reasonable, and he shipped them USPS priority with confirmation as I requested, very promptly. He gave constant communication and was a pleasure to deal with. I'd buy from Dave any time, given the opportunity!
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Sold a pair of Pioneer headphones to Dave.  No problem to deal with.  Prompt payment.

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I traded my Beyer T1s for some of Dave's gear.  Dave is an outstanding Head-Fi'er with a lot of experience, and a pleasure dealing with!  The trade went smoothly, and I got something else from the trade I wasn't expecting -- tons of information, advice, and some audiophilic nuggets of wisdom about 'phones and amps and sources and the like.  Overall, Dave's a great guy to talk to and deal with, and I'd gladly buy gear from / trade gear with / sell gear to him again!

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Dave was a pleasure to deal with both in our communication and in the purchase of my ms1000. He paid promptly and was easy to deal with. A+ buyer

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Dave and I worked out a trade with my Alessandros and his Yuins. Dave was tops in communication and responsiveness, and always amiable. His package arrived quickly and very well packed. It was an absolute pleasure, and I hope to have a chance to do business with him again in the future.

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Did a swap / sale for my Sony CD-3000's. Great guy to work with, went out of his way to drop by my place for an easy transaction. Knowledgable, and pleasant. Should really start his own website ;)



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We traded some headphones, excellent communication, fast shipping, everything you'd want for a smooth transaction! Thanks again!

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Me and dave traded my MTPC's for his M Audio tf10's. went great, communication was all i could ask for and shipping was quick. would be a pleasure to work with dave again.

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Dave recently bought a pair of headphones from me. His payment was prompt and my PM's with him were very cordial.

I would definitely buy from him again. A+++++

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