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I'm happy to start a feedback thread for Dave. He paid very promptly for the SA5000 I sold, and communicated very well throughout the whole process. An excellent headfier to deal with
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Sold 2 Iron Lung Jellyfish power cords to Dave. Very quick replies and paid right away. I'd be happy to do business will him again. Highly recommended.
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Sold my ATH-A900LTD to daveDerek

I sold my stock ATH-A900LTD to Dave and it was a pleasure to doing business with him.

Anytime, Dave and thanks for making this enjoyable.
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I sold Dave my AKG K340s and everything went smoothly. He asked all the right questions and maintain prompt communication throughout. A true class act and i would wholeheartedly recommend him for future transactions.
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I swapped a pair of AKG K501s for Dave's ER-6's. He shipped the headphones very quickly, was very patient with some weird communication problems that I ran into, and basically made everything as smooth and easy as possible.
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Dave bought 3 portable headphones from me. PortaPros (modded), KSC-75's (modded) and AT CK7's. Payment was prompt and Dave was a great guy to deal with and just chat with. Don't hesitate to deal with Dave!
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sold a stock HD650 cable to Dave. smooth transaction and a great guy to deal with.
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I sold some portable gear to Dave and everything went smooth and easy. Dave's a nice guy and a decisive buyer, which makes for a pleasant transaction.
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Great To Do Business With

I sold a high end CD player to him and he promptly paid. I would not hesitate to do business selling or buying. Also knows his equipment!
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Did a swap / sale with Dave. Great guy to work with, went out of his way to drop by my place for an easy transaction. Definitely a great Head-Fi'er!
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We traded my HHF-1 #61 with Dave's A900LTD. The trading transaction was flawless. But most importantly, Dave is a great guy...absolutely genuine and trust worthy gentleman. I would definetly stay in touch with Dave. Matter of fact, I let him borrow my MS-Pro while I am traveling for business. Thanks Dave...take good care of my "baby"
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Dave bought my D-303. He provided fast payment and good communication. Would do business with him again. Recommended buyer.
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Traded phones with Dave. He is a very reliable partner, communication was great throughout the process. He answered all questions immediately. The headphones were as promised and he packed them carefully. Dave is a serious head-fier and highly recommended!!!

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I sold Dave my AKG K701's. He paid right away and communication was very pleasant. Very easy transaction and I would be happy to work with him again.
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I sold Dave a set of Sennheiser HD-650s w/ Cardas Cables last week. Great guy, speedy payment, couldn't have gone smoother. Another asset to the already great NYC Head-fi crew.

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