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SR-325 bass and clarity?

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Hi All,

I just came back from an excursion to the local audio stores in my area. Got to listen to some really cool stuff! Finally got to hear SACD, and let me tell you it's awesome! On top of that, I found out one of the dealers around here carries the Avant-Gardes that Neruda posted about recently. They look sweet in person, but unfortunately I didn't have time to try them out. Maybe next time.

Anyway, the dealer I bought my SR-60s from has finally started carrying SR-325s, and the demo unit they had out happened to be one of the older black models with the flat pads. To tell you the truth, I didn't like it. In comparison to my Etys, they sound somewhat veiled and light in the bass. Did I just say that? My etys had more bass presence than the Grado 325s with FLAT pads! Do you guys think something was maybe wrong with the 325s there, or is this normally the case? Of course, keep in mind when I say bass, I mean acoustic-type bass, since I listen to classical. So maybe they would be better for bass heavy music with a lot of slam. Aside from that, I felt my etymotics imaged better and had better treble response as well. As I mentioned before, the 325s sounded a little veiled to me, sort of like my SR-60s except not as bad.

Anyway, I'm now even happier that I got the etys...no upgradoing for me. At least, not in the signature series... In anycase, I will probably be getting molds in about 2-3 weeks, so I won't have any funds for that sort of thing anyway.
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DON'T READ THE STUFF BELOW - it was pure BS...I should've known better

Hmm.....well, your Etys give you more DETAIL than anything short of R-10s/Staxes/Orpheus - in that order....

I left that idiotic comment (idiotic cuz I haven't heard the three...) alone....as a lesson to all. A testament to my stupidity AND as a way of showing how quickly a gratuitous comment can make u look, well, pretty dumb....
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How are you getting molds done? I'm really interested in that type of thing even though I get a good fit now...I kinda realize that its something that is probably worth upgrading even beyond a DAC in the long-run.

I just wonder if its a pain in the butt to take molds off and change filters and that sort of thing, not that it would be a frequent occurance.

The only bass I've really liked in comparison to Ety is a properly driven Beyer.

coolvij: Have you heard the phones? Cause I have doubts to the Orpheus being more detailed than the Stax Omega II. But I wouldn't be able to say since I haven't really heard them.
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Hey Tim,

I don't know yet, but I've scheduled an appointment for the 18th to meet with an audiologist. However, I e-mailed etymotic about it, and they recommended that I just get the molds done through my school (University of Illinois). I guess if they have questions about the construction, Mary Paulson at etymotic told me to have them contact her. If nothing else, it might be possible for me to get the impressions done here at school, and see if etymotic will finish them off, because my home isn't terrible far from Etymotic Research (~30 minute drive). I'll try to give you guys more details when I get through the whole process.

As for taking the molds off, I suspect it will be harder because Don has said that many of the er4s they get back with broken stems are from users with custom molds...
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Again it just goes to show you we all hear differently! I think the 325's with flat pads blow away everything else I've heard for the kind of music I listen to. In fact, I was so impressed with this combo that I sold my RS1's. I also own the Etymotic 4S's and agree they are wonderful sounding, but I still have to give the 325's my top vote! I just love the sound they produce! For you to say the Ety's have more bass than the Grado's is not what my comparisons have shown, nor is the sound of the Grado's veiled in comparison to the Ety's. However, be assured that the Ety's are amazing, and that your still listening to top notch earphones!! Enjoy!
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Heh I don't want either Orpheus or Stax Omega II...unless RIDICULOUSLY cheap. Or I'm ridiculously rich of course.

But if I had to choose one for free heh I'd get the Orpheus...than sell it and buy other non-related headphone stuff.

What does being bass allergic have to do with liking Ety's? They have more bass than AKG501's for sure. In fact I sold my Denon AH-950 after getting Ety's cause of superior bass performance IMO. And Beyers know how to make extended low bass as well.
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I think the HD600's have a bit too much midbass but it is slight. Course the problem is exagerrated given the typically vise-like grip HD600's have and that it isn't as trivial to bend them outward as a Grado.

I liked AKG bass too, I just like Ety bass better, or Beyer bass. AKG bass, for whatever amount there is, is however extremely tight.

I think you should worry about your own findings. How can you poke fun at Neruda's taste, at the very least Neruda has heard em.

I think too many people get into established mindsets about how one phone sounds in comparison to others without hearing for themselves. There seems to be a status quo about how one phone performs compared to so and so when there shouldn't be.

I find it difficult how you can already imagine how any one phone sounds especially if you haven't heard all the phones that are being compared.

Think about it this way...you can still have totally contrasting findings on a given phone even if you have heard the phones that are being compared...so whats the chance you'll have any idea what a given headphone sounds like when its being compared to other phones you haven't heard.

There are a wide variety of opinions on this board...I think a problem comes into play when people just take one opinion, and start to repeat it til it takes on the perception of majority opinion when it just might not be. Hearsay can turn two opinions into two real opinions and 10 unfounded ones, and when someone hears an opinion that is commonly said, they tend to repeat it like a telephone effect. When you get to phones this good, there is no way you will accurately be able to categorize them so that everyone is going to agree with you. At this close level of competition, the simplest things like system synergy will throw things outta whack.

You shouldn't even believe Ety's have awesome bass until you hear it.
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Yeah, remember that pm a little while ago? After hearing you sold your RS-1s for 325s, I just HAD to give them a listen! It was just my luck that my dealer had a demo pair there today. Anyway, I'm not sure whether it was just that particular headphone or what, because it was indeed one of the older models with a black metal housing and original flat pads. Actually, I'm fairly convinced now that it was because the band was bent too much so it didn't seal with my ears correctly. It had a real leather band and a really stiff rod inside. Very different from my el-cheapo sr-60s. The headphones just stay in shape, sort of like how people have described the HP series. Ah well. I'm still enjoying my etys!
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Originally posted by Tim D
I think you should worry about your own findings. How can you poke fun at Neruda's taste, at the very least Neruda has heard em.
Thanks Tim.

To me, the HD600 with red clou jaspis cable was rediculously bassy. I even said so to Tyll, but he thought they were fine. I tried it with the bockhead; still bassy (but the blockhead made them sound really good; don't doubt the things that amp can do). It might have been their fit, but no matter what the problem was, I liked The AKG's more. So does Daniel Pumphrey. Should I have liked the HD600 more? nope. I also liked the Stax Omega 2 more than the Orpheus. You might think that's crazy, but a lot of people who have heard both have gone with the Stax (darth nut for one). That's audio for you.
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Clearly something wasn't right with the demo 325's you tried. I just did a test last night on one particular song and the Ety's just couldn't reproduce the impact in the low end that the 325's could. You actually didn't even sense this note on the Ety's. BTW, I'm using the foam tips.
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I deleted/edited my posts.....

Sorry, guys......thanx for not coming hard down hard on me. Though in retrospect - it prolly woulda served me better....

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No worries coolvij, you're cool!
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