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Amperex Orange Globe 6DJ8s?

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Could anyone tell me a little more about this tube?

- Amperex 6DJ8
- Steel pins
- A-frame, dimpled-disk getter
- Holland made (Heerleen logos)
- Orange globe print (no white print anywhere)

Age? Sound?

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I just bought some of these along with some of the bugle boys of the same type. I did some reading here: http://www.audiotubes.com/6dj8.htm - that helped me a little. As far as sound - I think my pick is going to be the bugle boys but I really haven't listened enough to say that for sure.
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Amperex 6DJ8's

Here's all you'll ever need (or want) to know about the various Amperex and other tubes.


I've got the Amperex Orange Globe 6DJ8's - they're some of the best of the 6DJ8/6922/7308 tubes. And their sound is very much as Joe describes them. They typically average from about $20 to $40 each in good NOS, or used like new, condition. I got 3 authentic closely matched NOS Amperex OG's for about $40 - lucked out on eBay.

You'll have to decide if they're really better than various current production tubes (e.g. EH, Phillips, JJ, Reflector/Saratov). They do sound good... but, I'm not sure they're really that much better than some of these others.

I really like the JAN Phillips 6922's in my Woo 3 OTL amp, because they have a bit of a bright sound which complements the Woo 3 with Senns (makes them brighter). The Amperex OG's may sound a bit better with my RS-1's, because they seem to help take a bit of the bright edge off.

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Gradofan2, thanks for the linkage, but i've been aware of the existence of joe's tube lore since... oh, maybe around 2001.

also, mention is made there of only the ring-getter type orange globe 6dj8s; i'm interested in knowing about the (apparently later vintage) a-frame version. if you looked closely, you would also notice that the mica plates on the a-frame and o-getter orange globes are quite differently shaped.

micaela, thank you for your impressions - how would you compare their sound? which one would you say gives a warmer sound?
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My impressions are probly not very accurate yet because I have listened to both sets of tubes only a short amount of time. But based on this limited listening I think the bugle boys are a bit warmer. I tend to like a bassier sound & these seem a little more bassy w/out giving up the detail in the top. The orange globes seemed a little brighter & maybe more detailed but not as "bassy". Both of these sets are more detailed than the electro harmonix that came with my DIY Morgan Jones amp. I may change my mind after more listening.

I got a what I think was a pretty good deal on ebay - 3 of each of these tubes for $89 shipped. I"m fairly new to tubes - so I'm learning as I listen!!
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I love the Sylvania 6DJ8/6922 in my preamp.

Worked best in the G & W T2.6F also.

Also love the Russian 6N1P EB (pre-1990) but you have to have a strong power transformer to supply extra heater voltage.

Amperex A frame are fine - just like the others better.
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I have white labeled 6DJ8 Amperex's with Hewlett Packard logo on them. I like these tubes very much. Has anyone comparede these with the Orange Globe ones?

I've planned to get one pair of Orange Globe ones. Bugle Boys interests me also.
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Amperex Orange Globe A-Frames

The Amperex OG A-Frames seem to be a bit warmer than the JAN Phillips 6922, and have a bit more controlled highs, but are still detailed.
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Try this link - this guy seems to think the Amp OG A-Frame is a bargain.

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Caution When Replacing 6922's with 6DJ8's

Also... here's another link that expresses some caution when replacing 6922's with 6DJ8's in a 6922 application.

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Right now, my fave pair of tubes just happen to be the 1970 6DJ8 Steel Pin Amperex Orange Globe A-Frames from Holland- matched right down to the label. Believe it or not, at least in the Melos SHA-Gold, they beat the near-fabled White Label "PQ" Shield USA Amperex Gold Pin 7308, matched tubes from '62 and '64. I'd go 1-2, #3 being the 6DJ8 A-Frame Mullards. I won't change my sig until I'm definitely certain tho.

The globes don't go as deep in the bass as the 7308, but there is more of a coherent transition between frequencies. It's like the 7308 is trying to show off with nonstop impact and extension and detail, while the globes only pop out the impact when appropriate, more organic in the extension and natural in the detail. Warm, but more precise than the Mullards without being laser-like, like the 7308. Zero noise from the globes and 7308, the floor a bit higher in the Mullards. None of these tubes have grain (unlike the unfortunate 6N1P "Pink Russians") but the Mullards may be a bit too rounded on top, while the 7308 is quick and sharp, the globes giving me that smoothness without any obscuring sheen.

Sorry if none of this is precise, it's just the way i feel about them relative to each other, across all genres of music. All three of these beat the Bugle Boys I have as spares, and a pair of mid 70s ring getter orange globes. Hope this helps!

Edit - in audiophile terms, what the orange globes have over the 7308 is "a liquid, rich harmonic rightness."
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Does it look like the one in orange?

If I recall they sounded sweet but somewhat veiled and slow.
My current fave is Tungsram E88CC.
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nope - the one in the pic is a 6922 "PQ" I believe. Mine look identical to this:
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I had those too.
Same results with my amp tho.
I think all 6DJ8s varieties I have heard tend to be melower than 6922s so far.
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Originally Posted by kuma
I had those too.
Same results with my amp tho.
I think all 6DJ8s varieties I have heard tend to be melower than 6922s so far.
you'd probably really dig a 7308 in your rig then - system matching is key!
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