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M50s, Mad Dogs, and DT880? Because in their last video they had dt770s lol

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Momentums at badminton, mdr zx600 on train
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portapros at school

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Ultrasone DJ1 Pro at 1:29 in the video.


I haven't seen any news about those in ages!

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saw this guy with some vmoda crossfades at school.he upgraded from some skullcandy hesh i saw him with earlier this year.

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...Giorgio Moroder's first DJ set, and he's rocking a pair of V-Moda:




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Saw a little girl thumbing on her phone with zx300s around her neck.

I could just imagine her phone filled with 132kbps youtube rips, not to criticise but those headphones are costy here and I doubt she realises she can take advantage of their power
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There be Beats!

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Semester ended today, but the only headphones I saw were black V-Moda M80s! Not a terrible way to end the year.

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On my Flight back from LA a few weeks ago guy was wearing a pair of white M50 there was also some guy with a pair of beats studio or maybe it was pro's don't really remember.

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Thom wearing hd 25 - who knows what

Saw this on google a while ago, wanted to look for it again and suprise, It was a Head-fi link on an old thread
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HD-25 SP II, most likely 

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Just saw an orange M100 with custom shields in the wild. Restored my faith in humanity
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Oh hellz yeah. The BEST Beats Studio sighting ever! :D


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I'm usually annoyed by Beats hate videos but just when you think Beats had enough stealing people's money.

That's some Bull's Hit
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