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Originally Posted by liamstrain View Post


Looks like maybe a version of the MDR-V900HD?


edit: maybe not, wrong bails... I don't know. Could be a Japan only release... 

That'd probably be the case. I just haven't seen Sony's like those in the studio before , something other than the usual Mdr 7506.

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Originally Posted by Tus-Chan View Post

Someone left a pair of Monster DNAs in my career lab today, so I took the opportunity to pinch them for a while and do a mini review.

The build quality is fair. They look very good, and they feel good in your hands. They feel pretty solid. However, they fail in the mini details - the outside is prone to fingerprints, you can see seams in the headband construction if you look hard enough, and the folding / extending mechanism feels really cheap.


The inside of the headband is made of a nice rubber-ish material, and feels good on the head, as well as keeping its shape and uniformity when bending or extending the handband. However, the ear pads, which are a memory foam similar to what can be found on a V-MODA, are very uncomfortable and rest on the ears very poorly for an on-ear headphone. Only ten minutes in, I was feeling ear pain.

Isolation is decent but nothing to write home about.

These headphones are extremely efficient/sensitive and were probably purpose-built to play loud. On my Rockboxed Sansa Clip, the volume was at a high level at -20dB RMS.


The sound was surprisingly decent. No part of the frequency spectrum jumped out at me as offensive, and the headphones were pleasing to listen to. The detail level is fairly good, and the bass hits hard enough to be enjoyable without overwhelming the mids or treble. However, I have two major issues with the sound - for one, the tonality is terrible. These sound as though you're listening to speakers inside a wet paper box (I suspect due to a combination of boosted mids and treble dips). Secondly, there is zero soundstage to speak of. This was to be somewhat expected as these are closed on-ears, but it was still a disappointment.

My conclusion: These are probably pretty great for the average consumer, and they're certainly a fair deal better than the disaster that was Monster's previous similarly-priced on ear, the Beats Solo. However, I doubt that these are going to satisfy someone discerning enough to be on this board.


Nice mini-review

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Dude with a pair of what appeared to be Grado 125's on the blue line train this morning. 

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PX100-IIs abound. Saw 3 pairs on the same day. Popular in China I guess.

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HD238 on a bus. The isolation of those things are not that great. Wonder how loud the person is listening to them

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iBuds, Beats and some Diamond tears(on a lady).

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Saw a guy wearing an Audio Technica ATH-PRO700 MK2 today in Frankfurt.


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Originally Posted by Izeekio View Post

I saw a man walking around campus with what seemed to be Grade 325s. I'm not sure how loud he had to put his music, I wouldn't feel too comfortable with wearing those outdoors either. 

yea Grado headphones arent exactly what youd call portable (except the iGrado)


i just dont feel at all comfortable when i transport my sr80is even around my neck all throughout the day

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Driving to a head fi meet in portland I saw a guy walking down the street with momentums. Nicest pair I've seen in public.
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Other than the beats which it seems I see daily.


I saw Sennheisers today.  They looked like the HD 595

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I saw someone with an IE8 on friday. Grabbed my interest when I saw what appeared to be someone compressing comply or olive tips before wearing and went over to look. 

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Wow!  Sunday in Seoul seems to be Audio Technica day.  11 sightings of people wearing on-ear Audio Technica (yes, I started counting after the 3rd person I saw).  Also saw one with a Sony XB400 around his neck.  A suspicious looking Marley... looks like a Stir It Up.  And another one wearing something around his neck with red pads.  I can't tell 'cause the cups were folded with the pads up.

I find it strange that I think I'm the only one wearing circumaurals in the street.  But I felt good.  There's hope for human kind...

... until I was about to take the bus home and saw someone with a beats around his neck -.-'

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Haven't posted in a while tongue.gif
Anyway, I've been seeing lots of M50s here in Montreal which is nice.
A few Shure earbuds here and there.
Lots of beats.
A few of the new Monster Vektr
And, I was quite surprised, a Beyer DT770.
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Turns out my lab instructor has a Bose QC15. Acceptable.

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Originally Posted by GL1TCH3D View Post

Haven't posted in a while tongue.gif
Anyway, I've been seeing lots of M50s here in Montreal which is nice.
A few Shure earbuds here and there.
Lots of beats.
A few of the new Monster Vektr
And, I was quite surprised, a Beyer DT770.


I saw on the same platform of Metro Bonaventure two people wearing M50's. In addition, I feel like I see the various closed AKG models out in the city at least couple of times a week.


Maybe I'm the Beyer owner you saw (premiums) : P

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