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Saw a PX200 and a Beyer DT990 Pro today!

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Originally Posted by SandvichDISH View Post

Saw a PX200 and a Beyer DT990 Pro today!


I bet those Beyers stuck out in the crowd! haha 

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Originally Posted by weirddub View Post


I bet those Beyers stuck out in the crowd! haha 

Well, it went kinda like this:

"Me sees headphones

Me is like *are those beyers? Dun' look like 770s, let's see*

*Ooh, 990s even*

Person walks away

End of excitement"

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My school has PC350's in all the computer labs. Pretty nice mic, clear voice too, sucky for music, but oh well. Tech guys also have android sponges, yay. Too bad they thought my site had porn so they blocked it at school lol
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Someone left a pair of Monster DNAs in my career lab today, so I took the opportunity to pinch them for a while and do a mini review.

The build quality is fair. They look very good, and they feel good in your hands. They feel pretty solid. However, they fail in the mini details - the outside is prone to fingerprints, you can see seams in the headband construction if you look hard enough, and the folding / extending mechanism feels really cheap.


The inside of the headband is made of a nice rubber-ish material, and feels good on the head, as well as keeping its shape and uniformity when bending or extending the handband. However, the ear pads, which are a memory foam similar to what can be found on a V-MODA, are very uncomfortable and rest on the ears very poorly for an on-ear headphone. Only ten minutes in, I was feeling ear pain.

Isolation is decent but nothing to write home about.

These headphones are extremely efficient/sensitive and were probably purpose-built to play loud. On my Rockboxed Sansa Clip, the volume was at a high level at -20dB RMS.


The sound was surprisingly decent. No part of the frequency spectrum jumped out at me as offensive, and the headphones were pleasing to listen to. The detail level is fairly good, and the bass hits hard enough to be enjoyable without overwhelming the mids or treble. However, I have two major issues with the sound - for one, the tonality is terrible. These sound as though you're listening to speakers inside a wet paper box (I suspect due to a combination of boosted mids and treble dips). Secondly, there is zero soundstage to speak of. This was to be somewhat expected as these are closed on-ears, but it was still a disappointment.

My conclusion: These are probably pretty great for the average consumer, and they're certainly a fair deal better than the disaster that was Monster's previous similarly-priced on ear, the Beats Solo. However, I doubt that these are going to satisfy someone discerning enough to be on this board.

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Gosh I feel jealous of everyone. I never see anything at my school. I am lucky to even see beats. There are a couple people that I know that have beats. One lives on the same floor on my dorm that I live on. But other than that just all ibuds and maybe some cheap sony headphones. However, the one headphone that I did see was a Senn HD 202 on some guy that was in the computer lab. I got real excited and did a double take. But then I realized that even those are still cheap and he probably didnt care about SQ. It was just good to see some Senn's around here.

Ugh I wish there were more people that people that liked headphones.

Off topic my R.A. has a sweet Sony home theater system. Hes got multiple stereo reciever things and everything ( Not too knowalgeable about stereo systems but it looked awesome, and im a big fan of shiny things!)
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I saw a man walking around campus with what seemed to be Grade 325s. I'm not sure how loud he had to put his music, I wouldn't feel too comfortable with wearing those outdoors either. 

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Today at the gym: some guy with Beats Executive next to me on the treadmill. Have to admit they look really nice.

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In my highschool, the chances of seeing decent headphones are about .05% The best headphones I've seen are the Sony Xb700's.. Yea, I know,,,, Thats sad. I also saw a guy once with a pair of sennheiser cans But i wasnt close enough to make them out. Oh yea, and a pair of Bose ie2s... AND THATS ABOUT IT :(

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Curious what these cans were. Sony..something?   


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saw Ronda Rousey rocking Monster Inspirations.. made me cringe. Still want her though.


but on a real sighting note.. driving home after work in Jax, FL.. spotted a random dude walkin' down the street with some sexified HD598s.. gawd I want those too.


Wish I could've stopped and hassled him into selling it to me.. next time if there's not much traffic. I'm in attack mode. lol

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Saw a guy with lcd 2 or 3 couldn't tell

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Originally Posted by Zelcroft View Post

Curious what these cans were. Sony..something?   



Looks like maybe a version of the MDR-V900HD?


edit: maybe not, wrong bails... I don't know. Could be a Japan only release... 

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In the past couple of weeks at my university, besides the obvious headphones/earbuds, I've seen Sony XB700's and two ATH-PRO700MK2s (one was the limited edition version). I was always told the XB700's pads are big, but those pads still were a bit bigger than my expectations lol.

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Been a surprising week with 3 pairs of M50s, two black and one white (the white looks really nice)

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