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So the trend in my school right now is Beats. I think I have seen about 5 pairs total? They all just showed up out of nowhere. A kid in my class that had the Beats Solos just upgraded to Studios over the weekend... kill me now. He thinks he's such hot ****, trashing my Ultrasones saying his Studios would blow them away. Pisses me off. mad.gif


Aaaaanyways, back to sightings. Couple seconds later I see this kid wearing these old beat up headphones, I asked what brand they were and he took them off and said "Uhhhh I dunno I found em on the side of the road. They are decent" They were over ear, black, and had like a little silver ball type thing in the center of the cups that said "Compact Disc" but then he walked off before I got a better look. Anyone know what they are? Just curious cause I have never seen the "Compact Disc" logo on headphones lol. I just assumed they were something cheap.

They sound like a pair that I use as sleeping headphones. (decent sound, little clamping, very tough)


But I don't know the name of them either, I bought them off of a mate.

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Meh........Skullcandy Hesh at the gym.

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A pair of Monster Inspiration Noise canceling ... pretty good looking in person. 

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Saw a guy with M50s filling up his tires at a gas station while I was walking to class. Then I saw a dude with some grado cans walking in front of the same gas station on my way back home.
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Tonight at the gym (went back to do some abs) 


what it looked like a Panasonic HTF600. Also white Sony on-ears. Things are picking up slowly. wink.gif

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Dude wearing Sennheiser HD25-i II's on my blue line train this morning. 

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Meh... more of the typical Beats garbage on the MTR. Pretty ironic since Beats are supposed to "stand out", but now that everyone has them, I'm the standout with my FXT90's biggrin.gif

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Very good day for headphone sightings on campus.


Senn HD280, Sony v6 and Ultrasone Pro900.

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**** ton of earpods, a few Sony ZX100's
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I saw a kid at my school with a Sony MDR-7506. Pleasantly surprised.

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On campus (technological university), I've ofcourse seen a lot of beats. But what surprises me is the amount of Sennheiser HD25's I see (5 so far), I've got myself a pair aswell so it's easy for me to spot them. I usually see them on the head of fellow students biking to their respective building. I've also seen quite a few AiAiAi TMA's.

I've seen a few family members (maybe 3 of them) of the new Philips Citiscape, they're very cheap here in Holland, the uptown is MRSP $150, but here they sell for €70.


The rarest one I've seen was a Sennheiser HD800 in the uni's library, he was sitting alone in a conference/meeting room, that u have to rent. He had an iBasso amp with him, I don't know which model. I was flabbergasted when I saw the headphone and the portable amp. I walked by his room a couple of times to get a good look and I really wanted to get a good look on his goods. It was really surprising to see them, even more surprising on a 'poor' student's head.


Seen a few Pioneer, AKG's, don't know which model, just saw the brand/logo on the headphone.


I think the reason why I see so many 'good' headphones is because I study at a technical uni. Geeks and people with geeky attributes, we like to do research on items and possible goodies we buy.




When I go to 'underground' dubstep parties or something similar, with a dj booth, I see a lot of DJ's wearing the HD 25's. I went to a festival where I saw Steve Aoki and he was wearing HD25's aswell. So I've seen a lot of HD25's lol.

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This week girl with ATH M50 white.

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Theres been a huge increase in m50s users for some reason... Well not really lol (from 0-2) but this is at school where theres no headphone over $50 well actually some fancy in ears but meh
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Not headphone but I saw a girl with a pair of clear shell custom UE IEM on the train this morning.  You don't usually see many females into this hobby so that was very cool to see. smile.gif

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Featuring the DT880 Pro's.

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