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A colorful HD280 Pro for $300, triple the price of the regular version? I don't think so. Something is afoot.

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The Sennheiser UK website shows the Frequency Response chart for these. They're RULER FLAT between 100hz-1000Khz.

But the rest shows that they probably wouldn't be much fun for music.


Anyway, these are specifically designed for testing patients for hearing loss, combined with the use of an audiometer. 

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Oh, yeah - ruler flat at 125dB.


Not to mention the fact that we have no idea how these have been equal-loudness contour corrected. Bleh.

And why of all things would they use the flimsy, uncomfortable HD 280 Pro shells for these?


I find the idea of ruler flatness appealing for monitor use. Could care less about music.

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I saw a Fostex TH600...
























...on Head-Fi's Facebook page. XD


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Friend who plays the bass guitar plugged in some sennheiser earbuds and said they suck and he'll be going back to skullcandy.
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That's because with only one or two exceptions, Sennheiser makes lousy in-ears. Gotta stick with what you know. 

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Originally Posted by miceblue View Post

I saw a Fostex TH600...

...on Head-Fi's Facebook page. XD

>_> you sir..

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The man behind "For Orchestra" wearing grados.




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haha a HD280 with a tacky colour scheme. but something in dealing with the sound quality for hearing patients.


not exactly something you'd want in your home rig or portable rig if its meant for something medical

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Saw a vmoda crossfade silver on a cute blonde
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Since coming to uni I've been pleasantly surprised with the upgrade in cans from college,

just today Ive seen some AKGs, 2 pairs of HD25s, a few portapros and a pair of P5s (although i saw them from afar so they could've been P3s

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Today I saw a girl at our school wearing Sony MDR-1Rs.... Faith in humanity outside of headfi restoreddt880smile.png

Other than that, everything at our school is beats/apple earbuds/skullcandy or $2 shop cheapo HPs

However I did convince someone that beats are over-hyped and terrible for the price. I felt good about myself after that

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While walking a clients dog I saw someone wearing M50s. I sort of geeked out a bit since I was wearing mine, I had to smile to myself after that. I just got into this hobby and my pockets are going to hate me now frown.gif.
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saw a guy when I was walking back from my lecture wearing the same HD25-1 IIs that i was.

When he nocticed me there was a whole unspoken conversation about our great cans beerchug.gif

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Originally Posted by Davedog View Post

there was a whole unspoken conversation about our great cans 


>point at ears. 


>> thumbsup. 


> thumbsup.


>>waves goodbye. 

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