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Originally Posted by nikkojames15 View Post

Let him borrow the Ultrasones then, perhaps give it a little bass boost from your EQ, and watch his expression. biggrin.gif Certainly did the trick with a friend of mine, except that I used Senns on his "sound treatment" smily_headphones1.gif

That is what I am probably gonna do. Haha we got in an argument when he said they were better than my DJ1s. At one point I told him "Dude trust me, I know headphones" (which I don't know THAT much, but just compared to him) and then I walked away after he replied with "Dude so do I. I have owned 5 pairs of Beats" Ignorance truly is bliss...

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I saw a guy with black skullcandy aviators at the supermarket today. Glad to see them getting more popular, great pair of headphones imo, especially at the £90 price. I'm always tempted to get them in brown, just to add to the collection.

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A pretty girl on the train with Koss Porta Pros :3 Wanted to snap a photo but it was after work hours and she was tired so I did not ask. (don't think I would either way lol :S)

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Saw one ATH AD700 among thousands of Beats yesterday. Just right when I'm about to lose my faith in audio quality awareness in this forsaken state.

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Originally Posted by rhcpepper View Post

"Dude so do I. I have owned 5 pairs of Beats"

5 pairs.. D: And he claims to know headphones.. Why don't you introduce him to Head-Fi? Just a crazy idea. biggrin.gif

Anyway.. not much sightings these days.. Just an HD202 and a bunch of colorful generic IEMs..
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I have been seeing a bunch of V-Modas lately, I saw some while visiting Ann Arbor and two at the university I go to.


I don't know what model they are.


I have also seen a couple of ATH-M50s

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TF10 on a young lady yesterday.  PortaPros on a few people.  A Shure IEM this morning. V6 and 7506 in offices.  HD 280 once.  Not counting regular (i.e. recurring) sightings.  Two Incase Sonics recently.  An SR60 at Montgomery station.  I see an HD202 every other day or so.


Not sure if I mentioned this before, but I see a lot of the Klipsch S4 family of products these days.  And DT770 Pro (on different people) every couple of weeks.

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Skullcandy Aviators and Sennheiser Amperiors and Momentums, though they were in HMV. Was chuffed to see them selling proper headphones though.

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Saw a guy trying to sell SOL Republic headphones.
Approached and asked him what's up
He started by bending the head band to demonstrate the durability

Asked him about the sound signature


Demo'ed for a bit with my Clip+: muffled bass and recessed mid

Ran away

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Dude on my college was wearing ath m50's but then i detected him phony because he was using his smartphone as source, not even a good smartphone...

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Phony? for using his smartphone as a source? how does that track? Reasonable music sources are not particularly difficult to make these days - and good players are available for all OS's. The M50's are supremely forgiving of source amplification... 


Seriously. We've got some real snobs here. 

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Well, i guess you're quite an ignorant with a bunch of cans then, you can judge whatever you want. Here's the model : Motorola Ex118

My girlfriend owns this phone, it cant supply the m50's (i've tried it).

The dude didnt had an amp, so yeah, phony. I'm not a snob, firstly because I don't consider myself an audiophile, I just enjoy good quality music.


Sorry about yourself mate.

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It may be that he doesn't know better - that doesn't make him phony (or mean that he is not enjoying the hell out of his M50s - they may not be played to their full advantage, but they'll still sound good.)

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Well he was walking all snobby with that look on his face (that look that most beats by dre owners have) i was wearing my m80's and he just kinda glanced at them and then gave me this 'i don't know your cans but mine are superior' look while holding his motorola switching may be 128kbps songs, you had to be there to understand, i wouldnt have called him phony if he didnt looked phony.


there was this guy with senn's hd25mk2 at college once and he actually knew what he was talking about, he was a pretentious son of a bitch, but he did his homework, even though he didnt know a thing when i talked about beyerdynamics ( i had my dt880 on my neck ) then he just kinda felt threatened and left (lol).

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Sure sounds like a bunch of prats out there, and seriously, DT880 at college? Unless I'm travelling around(like flying) something a pair of TF10s and Ipod does it nicely for me. Nothing that needs amping will be out on the streets for me. 

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