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Saw a Koss PortaPro on an late 20s/early 30s guy. In the sea of marketed garbage that is Beats headphones, anything else stands out but especially that distinctive upside-down 'g' design (hint, hint, kids looking for headphones!). He might've been a tourist or on a business trip as he was somewhat skinny and didn't carry himself like any of the natives.
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not really a headphone sighting but in the gym, i saw a guy, i think 20s, blasting what sounded like electronic music/ metal out of his iphone. crazy as it was perfectly audible from 20 feet away. give him a couple years and he'll be deaf...

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On campus I see, naturally, beats all over the place, but once and a while I'm surprised with a Senny HD380 or even an Audio-Technica. My roommate, whom I never see and could call a casual acquaintance at best, has a Sennheiser set but I've never seen them up close.
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Wearing my ES10's today, someone comes up to me and starts small talk.


Him: "What headphones are those, anyway?"


Me: "Audio technica's. Have you heard of 'em?"


Him: "Nah. How do they compare to the Beats, I have those."


Me: "Ah. Those are overpriced."


Him: "I still like how they sound, it lets me hear things I've never heard before. I mean, I bet those are like what, $50? Beats are expensive but I think they're worth it."


Me: *facepalm*

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Originally Posted by viralcow View Post

Me: *facepalm*

You get the wag of my finger sir.  You should have educated him about headphones that reproduce music accurately!  Then he would go buy some AKGs and some one would walk up to him and ask about them vs their beats and it will go on and on. hahaha also I saw a pair of sennheiser HD 419s yesterday.

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My friend who is in Japan right now says it is even better there.
Oh man, with all those headphone stores Japan seems like a GREAT place for a headphone enthusiast. I'd love to visit and be able to go there and demo 2000 different sets.
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Beats, Beats everywhere mad.gif

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As I said, I've seen a lot of sony MDR-ZX300 lately. I finally tried a pair and I have to say you get a lot of bang for your buck at only ~25 USD. They are made of plastic but they feel solid, and the pads are pretty comfortable for the price and materials. They sound more expensive than they are (a clear V-shape freq. response, but clear nonetheless), and that's a good thing as people are not using white earbuds, at least.

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i like this thread concept! do you guys ever post snapshots here of the sightings...?
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Originally Posted by Doc-holliday View Post

i like this thread concept! do you guys ever post snapshots here of the sightings...?

I am not in the habit of taking pictures of strangers in public..

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Ill take that as a "no" but If i actually saw someone walking down the street wearing a pair of d7000 or sthg i wld have to say i'd be inclined to askfor a pic. If not just for this thread.....
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Audio technica M50`s and the occasional Shure SRH840 or 440. Too many beats, lots of Sony`s mostly MDR-MX300`s though....

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Saw a pair of Beyerdynamic 990 Pro's on an older chap here at work.

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I saw a man with the Monster DNA Draft Punk on the bus this morning, they were ugly enough in the pictures but in real life, oh man! He looked at my sister's Portapros as if they were a pieace of overpriced garbage. Also just know I found an animated video in which the characters used the Speak Easy version of the Portapros.

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The local Dick Smith (electronics store) is starting to stock up on Sony XBA series. Great.

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