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Saw a couple of beats solo, one sony MDR-zx100 or zx300 not sure, and one akg k518dj and I was wearing my k518dj modded with a removable cable on a mini-xlr plug :)

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Marshall Major at Dubai Airport T3.
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Originally Posted by iamthem View Post

There was a photo of Justin Bieber in the paper.. he has Westone um3x's


Otherwise I saw a hd-25, a bower and wikins p5, hd202 and other various sennheisers.. seems like the ratio of beats:sennheiser = 2:3 these days :D.


Last week I also saw a pair of a-Jays and Klipsch Image x10's as well and surprisingly a ATH m50.

only redeeming feature of bieber......

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I live in norcal but two months ago in new york I saw i guy with some type of purple CIEM, with what looked like 3+ drivers in each ear.  It was in some random deli across from a theatre.  The next day in manhattan near times square I saw a tall redheaded dude with HD25-1-2's.  


My current thought at the time: "I'm moving to new york."

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I work at tim hortons atm as a summer job and I see lots of people with headphones.
Most of them are beats, today I saw one of those jvc xplod, I also saw one the other day that was white and looked like the style of soul but not quite. Couldn't identify them.
I have yet to see any audiophile quality pairs.
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I wish I saw people rockin the Grados more than I see people with Dre beats around their neck not even plugged into anything..
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of note today:
- Incase Sonic while I was walking to 24th & Mission BART station
- HD 25 getting off of a train at that station
- Sony XB out of a Discman on the Civic Center Muni platform
- on the outbound L: a P5, a Crossfade w/ red shields, Sol Republic in-ears
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I used to sport some Porta-Pros back when I was a freshman and still have them but they need a cable fix.

Now I'm a senior and sport some JVC HA-RX900s with a FiiO E6 at the moment but I'm looking at grabbing some 701s.


Around my school I see:


-Sony MDR-ZX100/XB-700




I've only met two kids in my school with a good pair of headphones and they both had the Fiio E5 Amp (Personal Favorite). I think one had Grados and the other had Audio-Technica but I never got the models off of 'em.


Whenever I don't want to wear my JVCs I just use some Samsung in-ears that are pretty nice and comfy but once I get some 701s I'm never going back!

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Saw someone in the Apple store with a pair of AKG Q460s. I complimented him on his choice of cans (They aren't Hifi, though are a much more welcome sight than beats) and we had a little chat on headphones. 

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Did some college touring and of course saw a few headphones. At Boston University, I saw a DT770, V6, and I swear I saw someone wearing an HM5/whatever the other names are. And a pair of Solos. At Cornell, some older style Grados and a K240. 

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Saw a HD25 1 II on a man going down the elevator while I go up. I have to force myself not to turn my head back and stare with a predatory gaze, TBH.

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The bestbuy rep at my local bestbuy doesn't even know what an amp/dac is.

Anyway, I had a nice trip to the audio stores yesterday and on my way I must have seen over 10 pairs of beats. And that's a conservative estimate.
Besides beats, the only other thing I saw were the ibuds.
Such a shame.

People were staring at me when I took out my iPhone+E17 to send a text.
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You probably won't believe this but I'm now leaving 5th gradeeek.gif Ok so when I had to shadow a 6th grade class there were 2 guys who were wearing beats solo and I felt like laughing because they're really rich but they're deciding to buy beats. Also in the same class a guy was on his laptop looking at beats and I actually mentioned to him some WAY better headphones to him (grados, sennheiser, audio technica and some others that you probably know) and he searched up the images and he said they all looked "ugly." I was about to start screaming at him except the teacher was really mean so I just turned around and started talking to my friend.


Outside of school:


I've never seen anyone outside of school wear any headphones that are worth mentioning considering I only see people wearing beats. Such a shame.

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same here all I see is beats on the subway.

When I went to bestbuy couple of days ago wearing ASG1.2 some random guys asked for recommandation while I was checking on AIAIAI headphone. I was so happy that I could convince him not to buy a beat by letting him listen to my ASG :)

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Saw a couple of Shure IEMs when I went to my new university to pay school fees.


One clear one black, not Shure which models :)

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