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After over half of a year I finally spotted some real cans - they were Shure's.

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Just bought my girlfriend PX100s, does that count?
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VH1 had this countdown of the 50 or 100 worst songs. One of them was Eddie Murphy's song "Party All the Time" from the 80's. They showed the music video as they were talking about how bad the song was. I'm pretty sure he was wearing some AKG k340's in the music video.
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saw a guy with e500s on a flight from dubai to istanbul on sept 17

if you're around here, i was sitting beside you with the sf5 pros
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istanbul, not constantinople?
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I've seen some Sony MDR V500(?). Lots and lots of regular stock earbuds. Some iBuds (those special ones, behind the neck type of thing). Never ever a proper IEM, besides the rare EP630 or Sony 71/81.

No amps and no out of the ordinary (vintage) PCDP's. I do have seen some guy using an old casette player, and overall a lot of people using their cellphone as MP3 player. Otherwise, some Creative and some Apple players.
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Originally Posted by ouchia
istanbul, not constantinople?
istanbul hasnt been called constantinople in hundred of years, i think

edit: LOL, got the joke silly me
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To the QC2 bashers: however overpriced they are, the noise cancellation is impressive
I'd say about the level of Um2 with foamies is, and it doesn't sound THAT BAD for movies on a plane (music is another story)
I still wouldn't buy it, i'm just saying that trying it on a plane changed my opinion .. a tad
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I saw a guy in my Econ class has one of the Grado's..probably SR80 or something like that...

and yesterday, I found out that one of my friend has a Alessandro MS-1....

the size was bigger than what I thought....as I had never seen a grado phone in real...

but....now my RS-2 is on it's way....
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While listening intently to my new MS2i this weekend, I sighted my five year old Grand Daughter with peanut butter and jelly on her face and a half eaten sandwich in her hand, wearing my MS-1s!!

...does that count? No; that doesn't count, does it?
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I was watching a short on HBO about the making of Hollywoodland when I noticed that the director was monitoring audio on a pair of Grados. There were several shots, but I couldn't quite make out the model number. I'm pretty sure it was the SR125 with a custom pad wrap on the headband (one I hadn't seen before, very sleek looking.)
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i saw a DJ sporting the HD 25-1's at a club last friday
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Originally Posted by Firestarter
i saw a DJ sporting the HD 25-1's at a club last friday
Once again, Berlin trumps the Netherlands: On the same night in the space of ten minutes I saw two guys wearing HD-25-1's, one of them a dj at a bar, the other one-- I swear to you-- the dj at a convenience store.

In Berlin, not only do the convenience stores have dj's, but they have dj's with proper headphones.
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Spotted today:
Lots of iBuds
Some weird behind-the-ear jobbies...

Nothing too thrilling...
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Walked past some KSC-75's on the street in brookline today...no amp sighted and player in back pocket so probably not a head-fier but you never know. Ive seen guys with IEM's on the train a couple times, and portapro's once, driving through boston. All together, nothing too interesting.
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