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you guys seem to be in much cooler places then me

only headphones not counting ibuds and those horrendous jvc gummys is the triports.

but I got my roommate a pair of ksc75 and he loves them!
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If anyone happens to live in San Antonio and ride the VIA, if you see a guy on the 8 with the HD580s on, it's probably me.
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I've seen a few HD595/555 and K271S headphones during high school. Recently, my headphone sightings have been rather dry. I know there are people who have also cans around here, but all I've seen recently are Shure IEMs. Of course a number of classic Triports and OEHs here and there. Oh yes, and the common V6s here and there as well.

Still waiting to see a Sennheiser, A-T, AKG, or Beyer around campus.
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since my class was canceled last monday i had an hour to waste to walk around the campus. i saw this one dude with guitar on his back with some huge headphones.when i got a closer look i was in awe to see that he was wearing some dt770.
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Saw a guy with some super-fis today on the stony brook campus.
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Originally Posted by JSTpt1022 View Post
Saw a guy with some super-fis today on the stony brook campus.
I was wearing my super.fi's when I saw another guy adjusting his walking in the other direction. We paused, subconsciously acknowledged each other, and went on our way.

Sadly, I know what it's like having to adjust your Super.fi's all the time.
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You mean you both stopped for a split second? It's odd seeing someone wearing the same headphones...
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I had to go to the Music Library today for some research, and in the listening stations there were... HD414s!
I couldn't believe my eyes, especially since I'd been looking them up a little bit because I got some pads for the SR60. I had to go touch them, those pieces of history.
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on the bus, saw a pretty lady sporting White A-T ES7s!!! (oddly enough playing DS lite)

earcups were smudged w/ fingerprints, but still damn sexy!

one of the few cans i regret selling...
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Saw a girl wearing Skullcandy Icon (white/pink) on the subway today. Cute girl, but damn ugly headphones.
..and of course the usual 4-5 PortaPro's.
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I don't know where the hell you guys go that you spot all of these cans. All I ever saw was a girl wearing some e2c's on campus. The only people with good phones 'round here are people that I've personally given good gift phones to.

I walk around with the ES2 and E500 all the time, and I don't get any stares or reactions. People don't know, and don't care. I'm not a pen freak, and I don't stare at what pens people use, and I don't feel superior about using a fountain pen when everyone else around me has a ballpoint. So, by this analogy, I can see how others feel about headphones - that is to say, don't feel anything at all.

I did carry around a Sony PCDP --> MicroDAC --> Hornet --> HD600/Blue Moon combo, just for kicks. I didn't get much weird looks or comments either. Guess it must be that on me, that sort of geekiness looks normal =D
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Originally Posted by krmathis View Post
Saw a girl wearing Skullcandy Icon (white/pink) on the subway today. Cute girl, but damn ugly headphones.
..and of course the usual 4-5 PortaPro's.
Buy her some proper headphones and then ask her to marry you.
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Kid in my spanish class today whipped out some um2's, it is now my personal mission to listen to them.
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Today I saw some:

Sennheiser HD437s
Sony MDR-V300DJs, MDRXD200s and MDRXD300s
Black ear-buds that looked like IEMs (didn't want to chase guy to get a better look)
and a pair of...
beyerdynamics DT 770 PROs!!! My first sighting of beyers

I think they were the DT 770 PROs because they had gray pads. On the left ear-cup I noticed two small stickers, animal stickers I think. This sighting was at the York University campus on the bus at around 5PM Valentine's Day. I wanted to ask if he was a head-fier but he was with a girl, maybe his valentine? I noticed he had his beyers on the whole time. I don't know how he could hear what the girl was saying if they were talking .

Guy with the DT 770 PROs, REVEAL YOURSELF!
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I've seen AKG K240's at school. This is odd, as I go to high school. I've seen the guy twice, both times within five minutes of school starting. I know the guy's a sophomore, but that's it. The first time I saw him I had my 5pro's slung over my my shoulders. I noticed his headphones after I passed him already. The second time I had my K81DJ's on my head. I tried making eye contact, but he either didn't notice or avoided it. Perhaps his father is the Head-Fier.
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