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In Bratislava having seen: guys wearing MDR V 700, HD 215, Philips SBCHN110, HD25-1; girls wearing Hama SL230, Panasonic RP-DJ100, HD 490, MDR CD 180, Philips SHP 2000 (last two this week).
In Prague having seen girl wearing MDR V 700.
In Vienna having seen a girl (looking aged 25 - 30, but still girl to me ) wearing (I could not believe I see it) DAVID CLARK H10-13!!! and a Sony couple - he was wearing MDR V 700 and she MDR V 300.
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I saw a girl wearing, of all things, Koss portaPros today. Cool!
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If you see someone with HD650 in NYC in near future, it's probably me. Even though I have ipod, I will have an amp hidden in my jacket, so don't worry and my music is all high bit rate acc encoded, I have done fair research on that, was a headache to get codecs and stuff right, plus all that testing o.O. Just to alleviate your worries
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Saw the Bose IE's on the train...the guy seems to be enjoying his music a lot...until he saw the guy opposite him (thats me btw...) wearing UM1s with custom molds He stared at my ears for a while unsure what to make of it (few people here have heard of Westone nor seen them)...
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He wouldn't have been able to see the custom molds though Maybe he thought you were wearing hearing aids
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Up at UMass, I saw that girl again with the KSC75. I'm going to ask her if she is a head-fi member next time I see here.

Also saw someone wearing a golden Koss I wasn't familer with...... didn't look too good.

More apple Ibud's.

Someone in one of my classes also had an IEM that I wasn't very familer with, perhapse a Sure or Sennheiser.

Wouldn't you know, I also saw someone wearing a bose triport with the headband taped up.......... Poor guy.

Should be interesting to see if I can spot anything worthy of a mention.
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Originally Posted by milkpowder View Post
He wouldn't have been able to see the custom molds though Maybe he thought you were wearing hearing aids
Might be...since not many people here have seen Westones anyway...funny bit is that I actually see more IEMs in school than anywhere else
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Today I saw a pair of Shure e2c's and I was frustrated that the guy's wires seemed to be staying behind his ear a lot better than the ones on my Vibes!

I also saw a pair of Koss Plugs and Sony V6s
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I saw a guy wearing some Porta Pros while I had mine on too, we just pointed at them and smiled haha.
I also saw some Sennheiser PX100s, and someone even had some HD 595s on campus once.
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Saw a pair of (I think) Shure E2c on my way to the dentist today, and the dental surgery shares the space with a speech therapist who had a bunch of cans hanging on the wall (hooked up to the TV) - one Sennheiser HD497 and a couple of Technics circumaurals.

Also seen a surprising number of Audio Technica portables and a couple of Sennheiser PX100/200s while walking around town in the last couple of weeks.

Edit: Oh and a Sennheiser HD201.
I'm in Singapore btw.
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There's a suprising amount of grados at Uchicago. These past couple of months, I've seen about 10 different people wearing them.

This other day, as I was exiting the bus at one of the dorms and I saw a guy listening to his grados (prestige series - not sure which one). The grados had yellow pads (hd414 possibly) ...
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saw a guy at a bus stop wearing AKG K181s.

certainly looked bigger than your ubiquitious K81DJs...
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I saw 3 different guys on campus wearing white iGrado's!
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Getting off the bus - Saw one of the guys from one of my other forums with his HD650 ... they're so big lol.

on the bus ride home another guy with a pair of DT770's (i think) - gave me a knowing look when i walked past with my MS-1's
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First real headphone sighting: AKG K81DJ
I always wander around in my JVC Marshmallows or KSC75s, and soon my Grado SR60s, but I was like, "woah, a real headphone!"
(Triports aren't real :P)
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