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Today guy with ATH M50 in the library.

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Ever since i bought M50's, i see them all the time. My rarest was seeing the telefunken THP-29. They look so weird :)

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Audeze Sine, at the coffeeshop. Looked like he was using an external dac/amp from his laptop too. I only saw in passing as I was heading out, or I'd have investigated further.

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Someone on campus with the Sennheiser HD598Cs.
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Spotted on the Subway:


- An all-black version of the M50X. Very subtle but striking colorway. (I actually just looked it up; seems like that's a limited edition color HERE). Baller!

- Bowers & Wilkins P7 on the subway. I continued staring at the guy out of the corner of my eyes and further noticed he had it hooked up to the newest version of the Fiio X5 which was stacked on a Fiio E12 (I think). BALLER! :D


...and of course a crap ton of gaudy Beats...

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