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A mobile workstation in the emergency department at a hospital I'm rotating to has a KRK KNS 8400 hanging from it. Just hanging there! I wanna try it out :ph34r:.

Meme: When a hospital has better headphones on display than almost any electronics store.


Edit: Mm..beefy.

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Yesterday in downtown two Senns: HD380 and Monumentum.

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Saw a pair of Futuresonics Atrios and a UM2/3XRC with some cool looking plussound SG
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Worth to mention, yesterday in Vienna K-141 on subway and DT770M on the train station.

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Saw a guy in the supermarket a couple of days ago with recabled Sennheiser HD-25-1 II - which I thought had a right-side cable entry into the headphones, so either this person was wearing them backwards or I am plain wrong.

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They do have right side entry (which always annoyed me), but you can certainly recable them to left side, or just wear them backwards if it doesn't matter to you if R/L are reversed. 

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Some broadcasting/monitoring headphones are a little weird like that. The Beyerdynamic DT150 also has right side cable.
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Ooh, a coworker of mine has a Klipsch S3. She was a little bit freaked out that I was able to recognize it. Apparently she randomly got it for $20 =O! It's funny because my dad also has a Klipsch S3. Maybe that's why I recognized it so readily.

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Guy on my brown line train heading home has on what look like Bang and Olufsen H6. Pretty good looking cans in person.

Correction. H7.
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Gentleman on my bus this morning with custom braided cables on his Westone in-ears. I asked him about it, and he in turn asked me about my rig. Soon we're both showing amps and talking dream rigs. Another head-fier! First in the wild (not at a meet).

F.- Nice meeting you man. Hope to run into you again. Come downtown sometime and take the Audeze for a test drive.
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My brother and I sighted and subsequently annoyed a man sporting a Vmoda XS at Starbucks. That orange cable really gives it a "Halloweeny" kinda look, eh?

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Most frustrating sight I know as a member of head fi, someone who has absolutely no clue of how to use Shure IEMs... Wrong way around, and with ear hooks stretched in a stupid way...

This image is both graphic and disturbing, you have been warned...

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