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A guy with what appeared to be Jaybirds. I assume for the gym, since he was pretty buff and wearing a tank top. 

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Another guy at the gym, Hd-25's.
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Guy driving around with some HD201s on.

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Girl on the brown line with some Harman Kardon Bluetooth phones. They are good looking. No idea what they sound like.


Edit: also momentum over ears, vmoda m-100, and some unidentified dj style headphones (maybe said turbine on them).
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Hah - the edit was after more people got on the train. :D

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Ooh, I didn't even see that you posted a picture earlier(I was on my phone.) I'll actually reply this time instead of adding reputation!

Were all of these people with the cool headphones on the same train at the same time?:basshead:

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Hah - yep. Still think my Master and Dynamic MH-30 were the best looking and sounding of the bunch.

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At my high school, I've seen a TF10, an IM70, an M50x and a Momentum.

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Not a real sighting but I saw someone who were wearing their IEMs "up".

First time I've seen it in the wild. Looked like some crappy stock phone earphones.
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I sighted some weird bluetooth on-ear cans on a classmate. They're, like, something you'd get at a mall, I guess? She let me listen to some K-Pop on them. They're called "Jam." o.O Dang, they don't have any bass =\! But K-Pop needs bass!

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2 classes from my school, mine and another had a trip to the museum today, got to see some headphones!

-A girl in my class had Marshall Minor IEMs

-A friend of mine had headphones with the logo of a bank

-Another friend of mine had some 50 cent headphones

-Some guy I don't know was with Audio Technica M50s around his neck the whole time lol

Didn't see any iBuds or Beats, which was quite the surprise 

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Yesterday on the train I saw a guy with Sennheiser IE80s with a non-stock cable. It appeared to be a braided red cable, but I couldn't see from up close. First IE80 I've seen in the wild other than my own!

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Lazy Game Reviews just got some fancy, new headphones. No, not the M50, silly!

A real whopper of a can, if you will. I hear they have beefy sound quality. And they come with a radio!

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Someone on House of Cards seems to be enjoying his B&O H8

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Girl on the brown line train wearing master and dynamic mh-40
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