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Guy with IM70 who is standing a few feet away on the tram, I'm the guy listening to a pair of Aurisonics Rockets wink.gif
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Walking down Rose towards Venice beach and saw an old lady rocking a pair of Fidelio X2s. That's good taste

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Some guy with Technics (not sure exact model but pretty it's the DJ series) on Boston Area bus. This was 15 minutes ago
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While commuting home, I daw this kid blasting his HD598 outside while running across the road. This was near black friday when the HD598 was on sale for $99. For some reason, it just rubbed me the wrong way.
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Today girl with AKG Y50 black on the bus.

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Momentums on Copley area, Boston.
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Klipsch S3 seems to be weapon of choice at the moment...

Think I'm very alone in London with Laylas, it is now my sole mission to find someone else with a pair... CanJam won't count...
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He could have put on some open-backs at the very least. He's not just endangering his own life, but putting others at risk as well.

You'd be surprised. Some people even use ciems while riding on their bikes.

Hey! I do this =S
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I'm Shure I just saw some SE215s and a M40/50X on campus.
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