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Originally Posted by Triggerfish View Post

I've been running a lot of the high stakes testing for middle schools lately.  This year there is an audio component so students are told to bring their own headphones or earbuds.  So far out of 200 or so students I've seen:

Maybe 25 pairs of beats.

Maybe 8 skullcandy (particularly one that is grey with a yellow insignia)

4 razor krakens (really bright green and obvious)

Maybe a dozen apple ear pods

10 or so of the low end Sony black or white headphones

And lots and lots of generic low end earbuds.


For anyone who forgot theirs or doesn't have one, we bought some kind of mass batch of ultra cheap monoprice earbuds for them to borrow.  I'm still holding out hope that someone will bring something interesting. 

I really wanna get my CIEMs before that test, so I can have maximum concentration

But I'm probably not going to sell that many DIY O2 amps by then.

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wow. Saw a pair of dt770s and H× or A× series in my polytechnic

Also,although it's not really a headphone sighting, by chance I spotted an electrostatic speaker in the living room of the show The Odd Couple
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Originally Posted by m1ku View Post


Only if I had a chance 3.3. I'm those people who gets awkward when talking to strangers. (am I getting too off topic?) is it creepy to try to redraw the scene?


On the bus home, saw someone with a headphone similar to mad dogs, but clearly something else that I don't know...

May I ask what country you live in? As I use my mad dogs as portables, but I ripped off the stickers.

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Aw, man. One of my favorite Youtubers named Generikb has been suffering when it comes to headphones. He had a Skullcandy Fix, which broke, so he bought 5 replacements at once. Immediately, his kitten destroyed one by ripping it out of his ears!

I wish I could buy him some better earphones:confused_face:..but I'm a starving student..with many nice cans and an amplifier:ph34r:..

Anyway, just a sad story. Kind of a sighting, I'd say.

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^^' That's like my younger brother, he always buys the ****test ear buds, don't know how he can stand them.

Thanks to me he has the MDR-V6 tho.
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Originally Posted by Mickice View Post
. . .Thanks to me he has the MDR-V6 tho.

   You have changed his life forever! In a good way, of course:D. Sometimes I just wish I could buy all of the needy people some nice cans, kind of like a charity. On the other hand, I get the mindset that I could bring a non-audiophile to water, but I couldn't make him/her drink.

All-in-all, nothing bugs me more than when they buy multiple of the same type of low-end can instead of spending the same money on a nice one!


   Another Youtuber that I like yet kinda dislike, named Valve News Network, wore some Beats in an older video. But now he seems to have an M50. I wonder if he just borrowed the Beats from someone else and had to give them back, or if he actually prefers the M50.:blink:

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I went garage saleing yesterday and it seemed like every other person on a bicycle was wearing headphones.


Nothing I could identify besides one kid wearing some version or other of Beats.  One guy in his 50's was wearing some kind of really retro looking set of earbuds on a headband.  They looked like something that came with a walkman I probably had in 1995 except they weren't yellow.

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Originally Posted by kilspeed111 View Post

May I ask what country you live in? As I use my mad dogs as portables, but I ripped off the stickers.

I see there is an ocean between us Xd

While walking home, I exchange stars with a random guy who looks like also trying to check out my audio stuff (wearing se215 at the time)
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Spotted what might be some AKGs on the youi insurance ad.

Any Aussies know the ad and the headphones?
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Woah. Quite Peculiar sightings. Momentum around ear and RHA T10I
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New update on campus. Saw a Shure Se846 (could tell from the red in the clear shell) . Students these days....Pretty sure I saw an IM04 too
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Today Pioneer HDJ-500 black and Koss UR40 on the bus.

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DT770 Pro in this video

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