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Classical is good, though not my favorite genre. What I really love that's related is stuff like the Warcraft/World of Warcraft Soundtracks. I'd recommend them for someone who wants something more exciting than most regular classical.

Was walking alongside the only other audiophile at my school today, him with M50s and me with the SRH440. I've got other friends, one with a Crossfade LP2 and Soundmagic E30s; we need to form a group of audiophiles at my school and get some more people interested. 

If you want something "more exciting than most regular classical" you just need to find the right conductors. At least that's my experience.
For example. If you want to listen to Bach, I recommend Karl Richter, Trevor Pinnock, Jordi Savall, or Glenn Gould.

Now that I think about it, there should be a discussion board for conductors somewhere here.

Thanks for the recommendations; I'll search those up tomorrow. I haven't searched around classical much, having been preoccupied with finding/searching around some metal stuff.

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Saw some M50s, some Bose, Beats, Sennheiser IEMs and a pair of Denons on the plane to and from Gold Coast. Denons were a bit unexpected lol. 

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Today K-271 and girl with white M50.

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Beats by Tray

Watch the whole video if you want, it's pretty hilarious.
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Today K-271 and girl with white M50.
A K271? O.O wow.
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Don't know why it is (and this isn't a bash, but a point) - it seems this time of the year, all the Bose wearers crawl out of the woodwork where I am... Feel sort of sorry (again, not bashing) for one guy I see regularly that has 'upgraded' to another pair in their line-up, would've given him - for free, my Amperiors that are sat here doing nothing, if only I'd known!
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Does anyone else hate these audiophile warriors with their M50s?

M50s are not amazing gifts to audio, they are for most an entry, a taste, don't get a big head now.
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I do not hate them as i am also an M50x owner. I do agree that they are entry level but they are solid for sure. But back to topic i saw the new urbanites in downtown san fran today
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A K271? O.O wow.

I've walked to school with K272s before.  They work as pretty good ear muffs too.

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