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Wait a little. RockJaw Acero 2, I have a feeling they will be better than many sub $200 headphone by looking at their IEMs, RockJaw seem to be doing a great job handling it. Hopefully the same for Acero 2. But not sure when thought.

Billson, you did an impression/review on the Rock Jaw Alpha Genus right? How do they sound to you? I'm asking because I have some questions about my Kommand

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M-100 and Parrot Zik on my train and walk. 

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And TMA-1's at the office, worn by a new freelancer.

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Beoplay h6 black. First time I've seen one in the wild aside from my own pair.
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I just visited the Lotte Mall at Jamsil (Seoul), South Korea. There were a lot of headphones and IEMs in their electronics store. They had a bunch of Westone IEMs, along with Beyerdynamic and Sennheiser headphones. I was pleasantly surprised. Granted, buying online is a cheaper option, but at least the gear is getting some exposure here.
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