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Thanks! I'm hoping I'll get to make more images like those, but of other headphones. The problem is that so many headphones are built primarily out of plastic. And I don't just mean Skullcandies; Even the Q701 is just plastic-plastic-plastic. I'm thinking that the M50 might look neat with its thick steel headband and metal rings on its earpieces.
If I take any more x-rays of cans, maybe I'll just post in the "Pics of Headphones" thread, because I think it might be off-topic here. redface.gif But then I can't add any text in that thread. Grr! angry_face.gif Forget it! Here is fine.k701smile.gif It is a "sighting," after all.


You're welcome biggrin.gif
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Saw someone leaving the train with Dita The Answer and stuffing it inside his jeans with no carrying case! :blink: 

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