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I've seen Sennheiser HD202, HD570, at least 3 pairs of Triports (one possessed by someone who will argue with you until death that they are the best headphones ever made), and so SO many pairs of iBuds.
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I saw a couple of ladies wearing Skullcandy today. The headband seemed a bit wide from my point-of-view.
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Wayne Brady with what looks like Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro at 2:44.

YouTube - Wayne Brady | A Long Time Coming featurette
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I saw a girl wearing Audio Technica Audio-Technica ATH-FC700 in the train.

there's a trend going around for White AT's in Singapore..

they are like more common than iBuds now
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Friend at work with some JVC marshmallows. And a tech with Sennheiser HD495s, we talked about portable DACs/AMPs for a while.
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The best pairs of full size headphones I've ever seen at my school are some 30 - 50 dollar Phillips or Sony cans. 95% only use the little white earbuds that come with their ipods.
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Originally Posted by divideby0 View Post
Sennheiser HD495s
good to hear that there were still using eh-350 grandpa
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gah i seem to see so many bose around where i am
almost 1/3 to 1/2 of th people i see wearing headphones or earphones
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I saw some headphones today that I recognised but couldn't think of the name at the time.

Whilst looking up headphones for some peeps (a lot of people turn to me for advice), I saw them, they were AKG K240S's hehe. Couldn't tell if he used an amp with it though. Also saw some more Skullcandies...*shudder*

It's a f'n plague over here, both boys and girls.
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Saw a fellow college student wearing a pair of dr. dre beats
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The hater up there likes to shudder at the sight of Skullcandy. At my university, Skullcandy is high end. Consider that. So far all I've seen is a sea of ipod stock buds or other generic open earbuds. Another common headphone is the Sony over-the-clip headphones.

Also, I've seen several of the Bose in-ears with the black and white cable. Plus I saw a pair of Tri ports around someone's neck.

About the only high end sighting I saw was last year. A girl in my stats class was wearing Shures, E3C I believe, with the cables over the ear.
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Saw a guy in his mid 30s rocking a higher-end Grado on the D train a week ago - Couldn't tell which ones as I am a Grado newb.

Saw another dude in his 30s with black iGrados on the J train today.

What is up with the open phones on the loud-ass subway?

Saw a young professional listening to Bose IEs sitting across from me on the 5 train last week. I was listening to my Bose IEs as well (flame-guard! - I got em as a gift). Pretty bad isolation on these too @.@ but they're all I got as far as bud/ie-type phones.

My d1001s I bought partially for portable use but I haven't yet fully prepared myself for the stares I'll be receiving outdoors lol. Plus they're recabled with no sheathing after the Y-split so it'll look even stranger

I need me some iems with good isolation..

A co-worker constantly listens to his noise-cancelling supra-aural Sonys. Seen some other Sonys and some cheapo looking fullsize hp's and iems that I couldn't recognize here and there as of late as well.
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Walked past a kid in the school halls sporting a pair of AKG K26P's.
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My drama teacher offered me his v-moda vibes to use to master my compositions for the school play. I politely turned him down
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On the bus today I saw somebody with some Technics (couldn't tell what model) and yesterday saw someone (couldn't tell if it was a guy or a gal lol) with some Senn HD-25 II's. If it was a gal = ++++ on the attractiveness scale :P
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