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There are about a thousand Triports at UW, but by far the most prevalent headphone is the iBud. I've also seen a few PX100's, E2c's, and awesomely enough, one pair of ER-6i's and an HD595. Didn't have time to talk to either of their owners though, possibly fellow headfiers?
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There are definitely tons of triports at UW. Seen a couple people with QC2's as well. Most surprising sight was someone with an ER4P. Gotta love that Red and Blue banding. Also, if anyone see's a kid with E4C's, that's probably me.
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These days I see almost as many people with Shure IEM's as Bose QC's. In the last 2 weeks on flights I have taken I have not just seen but sat next to 3 people using E3C's. One of them was in the process of telling me how much she liked them (she was about 45 years old, senior-level executive) when I pulled out my E500's
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HD 497
Sony MDR something
and UE Super Fi series once, but I dont know which model it was.
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I watched the new movie "The Departed" (western remake of Infernal Affairs), and towards the end of the movie-Madolyn, played by Vera Farmiga, had a tower of McIntosh Amps and cd player! and ALAS, what was plugged in to all this? a Senn 280 pro LOL!! and they did one of those dramatic 180 deg cinema sweep of her wearing em, obviously focusing on the phones. Bleh. paid off by mcintosh and senn no doubt...
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i thought i saw some igrado's in early september... but they hadnt even shipped out

maybe it was todd... or john himself!
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I saw a GRADOS this evening. The event wouldn't be so amazing if I wasn't living in Sofia, Bulgaria. The guy was at the busstop and the Grados were SR40-SR225 - couldn't see it was dark. At first I was like - "hey how are you, what are those Grados?". But then I thought it would be impolite to interrupt his listeening. The bustop was very loud - cars and buses all over the place - I don't know how he listens to them in this conditions? Anyways he sensed me checking out his phones so I retreated :-)
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within 5 minutes at Lincoln Center Opera in NYC: Grado streetstyle the Grado
SR 225s
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hah yeah the sennheiser hd280s were shoved in the face of the crowd in that scene. good movie though
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I saw yet another pair of Triports today, and spoke with a guy in my Calc class who noticed my SR60's, he used to spend time on Headfi and has a pair of SR60's himself. He's also interested in buying my ER6i's . I'm thinking of picking up a pair of UM1's instead, or waiting to see what my sis's D-Jays turn out to be like.
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If your university has an architecture or design school, go take a walk through the desks. Designers tend to have good headphones: they have to work at their desks about fifteen hours a day and they're totally obsessed with the quality of the things they use.

In my school, you see virtually every good headphone under $200 in use (over $200 only IEM's, because theft is too big a danger). I've often been tempted to take headphone taste into account when I give out grades. Just kidding. I think.
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Saw some girl with white iGrados at my college today.
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If anyone happens to catch the new Anne Heche TV show on ABC called "Men in Trees", you will see frequent scenes shot inside a local radio station where the DJ and the radio-show advise expert (Heche) are sporting Sennheiser HD280's.

Man, they look as painful on someone else as when I owned them myself .
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Was shopping at Macy's here in San Francisco and saw a dude wearing UE10's! Or what looked like them. I got his attention, he was shopping around too, and asked him. They were in fact UE10's and he had never heard of headfi or really any other headphones. Said he read about them in Wired, wanted the purported isolation and bought em.

Damn... Nice though.

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I just found out my school's music building is completely outfitted with Grado SR80s. I'm going to go check it out tonight
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