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Maybe it's a good-sounding CMoy. I have a CMoy-like amp and it bests all of my amps but the Objective 2, surprisingly enough.

I saw a Sony XB_00 headphone (the new series) on the bus today.
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VERY interestingly, I saw one of the staff members at my school using Syllable branded headphones. I believe it was the G08. I don't know much about those, but I was both very excited and interested when I saw him wearing them. 

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Saw a really really hot Chinese teen girl wearing a pair of pioneer dj headphones. It's a shame though that her hair was completely covering her ear and not the earpad. Also saw an OE2/AE2
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Looking at a pair of UE900s O.o
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Saw a young guy walking with headphones at the train station in Patterson Bentleigh the other day. I think it was either the DJ 1 or the DJ 1 pro. If it was the Signature DJ I couldn't tell as I walking quickly past.

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Originally Posted by lookingforIEMs View Post

Is he Caucasian? So far I've only seen asian people using se215s. The Caucasians ive seen use EarPods, m50s and Bose quietcomfort models


Sorry, I haven't been on Head-Fi in days! Real life has been keeping me on my toes.


To answer your question, no. My brother and I are Asian, although we're not Singaporean (I've never been to the country myself). Good luck finding him now! :D

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Where I'm from there isn't much in the way of great headphones being worn out, but I was lucky to see a Senneheiser momentum on ear recently and Grado SR60i's on a fellow in the park.

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Being on a college campus nowadays, I see: Beats, cheap Skullcandys, more Beats, cheap Sonys, and one pair of cheap Sennheisers. My HD-380 Pros are feeling rather mighty around here.

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Today, I saw a pair of the X-Factor Sony headphones in Physics II. And I'm seeing a lot of Grados on campus recently.

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Some sort of Sennheiser headphone. I thought it was the PX200.

Also....this is kind of sad. I'm not going to post it for, reasons, but you can look up "oculus rift" on YouTube and watch the video by Hayato Ikeya. There's an Ultrasone Edition 8 sighting in that video. You've been warned. >.>
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Today, I saw a pair of the X-Factor Sony headphones in Physics II. And I'm seeing a lot of Grados on campus recently.


That reminds me.. The other day, I too saw a pair of Sony X headphones. However, they were on someone who was driving a car.


I'm not exactly sure if that's legal, but it was funny.

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Pretty sure it's not but I wear iems while riding my bike all the time so I'm not one to judge tongue.gif
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Shure 215s while in Kent.
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Not so much a sighting, but surprising reaction.  I bought B&W C5's the other day and though I loved the sound, they were so uncomfortable to me I took them back today (I have P7's on order coming tomorrow.)  So I walked into Best Buy and walked over to the returns area.  There were 2 girls and a guy behind the desk.  I set the headphones down and the girl that wasn't waiting on me says "You're returning the C5's!?!?!?  Those are my favorite headphones.  I love mine!"


All I ever see is a few guys at work have Bose QC's. :confused_face:

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Originally Posted by BucketInABucket View Post

Shure 215s while in Kent.
Kent, Washington?

I'm going to the University of Washington - Seattle. biggrin.gif
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