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Sold David a pair of PX100s. A superb transaction all the way around.
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got ym px200's in perfect shape. great guy to deal with
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Bought some icools from David. The transaction was smooth and shipping was fast. Wouldn't hesitate to deal with him again.
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I bought a pair of im616's off David. The transaction went smoothly and he shipped out the next day following payment. He is easy to work with and I would gladly buy from him again.
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David had a Rio Carbon he had for sale, which he was nice enough to fill with some sounds.

Because the player did not have a charger. and my laptop did not charge it, I contacted David.

He was concerned, and suggested some possible chargers online.

In the end, everything worked out. Thank you, David.
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Bought Senn PX200 from David. Fast delivery. Highly Recommended.
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Sold David my Atrio M5's. David paid quickly, and was very friendly. I had neglected to inform him of a mod made to the M5's, and he was very understanding of it. Overall a very pleasant transaction. Thanks a lot, David!
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Audio Technica ATH-FC7

Bought these headphones from David, and received them very promptly and in great packaging. Great guy, fantastic communication.
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Bought K81DJ's from epithetless, transaction went very smooth. He is awesome to deal with, AA++
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new member to head-fi but I'm killa_concept from over at

Was in search of a new set of headphones w/ good noise cancellation, nice bass, reasonable mids/highs and obviously a bit of flash... did a bit of research and found that RP-21s fit the bill @ $100ish retail

Looked around for a good deal on them, ended up here on head-fi looking at epithetless's RP-21s... Signed up to contact him and needless to say, he was awesome! Provided good, quick answers to my questions, no BS, quick transaction, equally quick shipping and the product came just as described! Would definitely deal with again! A++

Thanks a lot mate
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David purchased my Klipsch Image X10. This was a very smooth and easy transaction with quick payment and excellent PM response times. Definitely a nice guy to deal with.
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Bought a pair of MX400s from him. He always responded to my questions really fast, and kept me up to date on the status of shipping and whatnot. A great guy to deal with!
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Awesome, Awesome guy to do business with. Bought the Audeo Phonak from Dave; the transaction was exceedingly smooth, the IEM was as describe (flawless!), and excellent communication. Hope to do business again in the future.
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Purchase Klipchs X5 from dave, Came with everything and packed well.
Great condition, looked brand new!
Very fast shipping considering from east to west coast about 3 days.
Would recemmend anyone to buy from this highly regarded seller.
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Bought a pair of phones from Dave and I couldn't be happier with the transaction. He was a very easy guy to negotiate with and responded to PMs quickly. The packaging was stellar (I almost though the phones were NIB and purchased from amazon or something) and the shipping very fast. Very happy with my purchase so far and would recommend Dave to anyone interested in what he has to sell.

Thanks, Dave
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