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David Byrne's new album

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Just got Byrne's latest record "Look Into The Eyeball" great stuff. I like his music a lot, nice blend of rock and latin folk plus the album is very, very well recorded and mastered, like most of his work. It made my HD600 really sing. Unlike his previous albums this one has a really deep thumping bass on several tracks.
Saw him live last week in Stockholm great live sound and perfomance, in a word highly recomended
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I totally agree. The two previous albums also sound amazing. He's an underappreciated genius.
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I picked up "Look Into the Eyball" 3 weeks ago and also like it a lot.

If you haven't seen/heard it yet, I highly recommend his live concert video titled "Between the Teeth".....excellent.
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Another interesting think I picked at the concert was "Visible Man" his remix album, actually his songs remixed by other artists. It's a limited edition (at least it says so on the record only 5000 copies) and they're sold out even through his record label Luaka Bop. It also sounds great with some really deep bass on the electronic mixes of "dance on vaseline" and crystal clear treble on the latin mix of "Miss America"
I have all of his albums and I agree with markl, amazing blend of styles, highly expressive lyrics and good production. In fact my love to this kind of music dates way back from the Talking Heads era.
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