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Barebone Amp Builders: How Long Did It Take You?

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I'm thinking of maybe making a Barebone Amp in my Electronics 11 class as my first or second project, and was just wondering approximately how long it might take me. Anyone who has built a Barebone before -cough*skippy*cough- if you could gimme a rough estimate? Gracias
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Have you seen the new Altiods "miniTin" ?
Size is about 1.5 X 3.0 inches , cute little sh*t
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no I haven't, any pics?
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picture does not do justice ,I just seen the real thing yesterday and they are way cool looking

and check this out


I can think of some uses for that too !

and of course

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Wow, i would love to see someone do an amp in a tin with the graphics from that last link you gave ricker. That would be super nice...
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my girlfirend has a whole bunch of those mini altoid tins. i've been begging her for a while to give me one to mess around with, but no luck yet. she's been asking me to build a simple L-R ambient signal circuit into to one, but it doesn't seem interesting enough to bother with.

the amount of time it takes to actually build one really depends on the person building. the first one i did took a while (about 2 hours soldering junk haphazardly, and a few weeks looking for dead 9v batteries, and a day trying to figure out how to open the battery without messing up the case) because i had to wait around looking for an appropriate 9v case, and because i had no idea as to how i was going to do the layout.

the second one i built was very quick. about an hour all together. i came up with a good layout, game plan, i had and had all the parts beforehand.

it's very simple circuit, and a pretty easy build. good luck.
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Now I'm almost definitely making one...how much cash did it set you back? [not counting both the dead 9V and the rechargeable 9V batteries]
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not sure about the price. when i order, i tend to buy more than i need, so i don't have to order again for a while. i just had the parts lying around.

couple of notes: how easy and quick it is to build depends also on the experience and skill of the builder.
it's not a good idea to use solder for structural use. if you go deadbug style, it would be a good idea to glue the components together.
if you use a battery case, the case deforms pretty easily when there are no cells inside, so i lined the inside of the case with pieces of plastic (i.e. perfboard i had lying around). it might help with reinforcing other metal cases like candy tins.

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