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Pioneer SE50 Headphones Mod!

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Hello Modders.!!!
I have some really old Pioneer SE50 headphones I want to mod, here are the babies:

There are a few problems with this set of headphones.
  • They're HEAVY!
  • They don't stay on.
  • They could sound better

I use them mainly for DJing in bars, so they could do with a bit of attention!
The main thing I want to change is the headband:

I'm sure this is the most difficult thing to replace, but is there anything I can do? Idealy I'd love to put on a really sturdy headband that will keep these babies on all night! Also I have to bear in mind to keep the retro style. This would be the biggest help if someone knows what to do with this!

The other thing I'm sure is easier, replacing the cones, currently there are two cones:

And there is lots of empty space in the shell:

I'd like a pritty nice speaker in here, not audiophile, just a lightweight, but good sounding speek for playback purposes (in a bar you will never tell the difference, so F it).

Lastly I'm sure I can replace the leather pads from somewhere, I just need pointing in the right direction. I'm good with cables, so I can do my own.

Thanks for any help you crazy modders can give me
I'm a bit lost on this one.
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Did you ever find any info on modding your se-50's? I am in the process of rebuilding a pair and need to find some speakers.




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You are aware this is a 6/7 year old thread from a member with 7 posts. Odds are he hasn't logged on here for years.

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Does it hurt to try. I wasn't expecting much, but there is very little out there on modding vintage headphones.

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this model actually sounds reasonably good with the ksc75 

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