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portapros to the UK ?

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anyone know how much koss charge to send these to the UK?? they will ship em cause i went throught the process to see,, but at no point did any prices for postage come up..and cant find any prices anywhere on site for international postage bugger
thnx for any info
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They may need to email you with that info.
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Go to Richer Sounds. They have Sportapros for bugger all, under £30 I think
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whats the difference between the sportas and the portas?
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You got me. I'm sure someone else can tell you.
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Originally posted by Chivalry
whats the difference between the sportas and the portas?
The 'S'???

Seriously, I couldn't tell you, but I could swear that the Sportas are the more expensive of the two (I think its something to do with the headband design ~ but they use the same drivers)

As Bangraman says, Richer sounds seem to stock them for not a lot of cash ~ give them a go
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hmmmm.,,. on koss web site the sportas are half the price of the portapros :0(
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The Portapros and the Sportapros actually use the same drivers. The sound is very similar except the Portas have a little better extension in the high-range (the structure of Porta's cups is more open - perhaps this is the reason for the sound difference) . The head band is different - Sporta's can be changed also to back-neck position .The Portas have slightly better built quality and are the more expensive model between the two - list price 49$ against 29$ the Sportas. The Portas could be bought at KOSS's site some time ago with big reduction - around 20$+shipping, I think(?) - I don't know about now... The Sportas can also be had at Radioshack under the brand-name Optimus45. They both are great deals - value for money and musically speaking. I have three pairs - Portas, Sportas and Optimus - portable sets for me and my kids - and if I were to buy only one, although the sound difference is not big, I would buy the Portas over the Sportas...(it reminds me about Senns 580 vs. 600) just to be sure I'm on the safe side...
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